Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Horrible music from the 90's

Last night Matt and I went out for our Anniversary. We saw the movie 'August Rush'. There was a little bit of a cheesy moment at the beginning, but the rest of the movie was really good. Plus it's only PG and Robin Williams doesn't drive you nuts either. It's a movie about music and a boy trying to find his parents. Anyway...
When we got home, we talked about music from when I was in Jr. High and Highschool, which would put Matt at 22-25 yrs old. So here is a trip down memory lane...do you remember these bands?
Bel Biv DeVoe
Sisters With Voices
Salt and Peppa
Criss Cross
Color Me Bad
98 Degrees
Arrested Developement
Pearl Jam
Al B Sure
C & C Music Factory
Vanilla Ice
B 52's
MC Hammer (it's hammer time!)
Backstreet Boys
Blind Melon
Presidents of the USA
Right Said Fred
The Cranberries
Spice Girls
I had some of their albums and going through this list, I started to sing songs in my head. Sad...
I have come across kids today that have never heard of some of these "bands". That makes me feel really old or the music was just so bad that who would want to remember it?


kim said...

I am more Matt's age and grew up with 80's music. I LOVE 80's music. Erasure, Duran Duran, The Police, U2, UB40. I have a couple 80's cd's, the kids love them. Especially "Video killed the Radio Star". I love that they love 8o's tunes. By the 90's I was into country music. It was inevitable, with a father from Alabama. The twangier the better!

arah said...

Yeah, I grew up with 80's music too, only because my older sister and brother lived and breathed it. But you forgot the Cure, OMD, and ELO. I don't think I would let Brinely listen to any of the
90's crap that I listened to. Brinley loves U2.

kim said...

I am not familiar with ELO--what did they sing? I'm much better at songs than the people who sang them.
Erasure had to be one of my all time fav's and I have a couple of their cd's. It's my cleaning music. And I had a huge crush on Sting. We cannot forget Air Supply, Chicago and Lionel Ritchie.
For the record, I do the occasional casserole now.

arah said...

ELO(Electric Light Orchestra) has the song 'Evil Woman". This is one of Matt's favorite groups. Brinley calls all the music he listens to "Daddy Music". I love Air Supply!

Julie Carr said...

Arah how do you put the christmas music on you blog?

Sam and Jill Family said...

Oh I think that movie looks really good. I really want to see it. That was definitely a stroll down memory lane. I remember a lot of those, but not all of them. It is fun to think about all the music we liked back then and why!!

arah said...

Julie, click on 'make a playlist' on my music box on the bottom. It will tell you how or go to www.progectplaylist.com

Josh n Betsie said...

I remember those groups. I loved them. Brinley would love to make that wreath and even the cupcakes. SO easy. It was hard to do Josiah's hand because he likes to keep it closed. He likes the feel of the paint I think. Much easier with older kids. Miss you

julie said...

arah, pearl jam isn't horrible music from the 90's... :(