Friday, August 28, 2009

hi again.

this is the first post I have done in August. What is wrong with me?
We have had an extremely busy August. Visiting family in Utah, going to Seaside with more family and some friends and we still have to find a day to take Brinley to Silverwood. She still hasn't used the free pass she got for reading 600 minutes of books last Spring. But the most exciting thing thats been happening...

Julie and I have been working hard trying to get our website and blog done. We booked our first wedding, which is tomorrow, and have done senior pics and family pics already. We should have the website up and going this weekend...hopefully.

What do you think of our logo? And wonder where the name comes from...Brinley MADELINE Kunz and Cody JAMES Eggleston. We must have gone over a hundred names before this came up. We love it.