Sunday, December 9, 2007

Polar Express

This morning I went to Breakfast with Santa all by myself. Brinley spent the night at Cody's and since I signed up to help, I went. I was supposed to have Brinley with me to sing Christmas carols to the people we dropped fruit baskets off to, but since I don't sing, and definitely not by myself, they just got a smile and a 'Merry Christmas'...well, Matt's mom was on my list and I made up some words to a Christmas song for her. She loved the fruit basket, that's all that really mattered.
Tonight we went to my Mom's ward Christmas party. It was themed around the Polar Express, a favorite movie at our house (Brinley would watch it all year if I let her, I hide it January 1). It was so cute and really fun. All the children wore their pj's, except Brinley, she wore a pair of Cody's. So here you go... Brinley and Cody got there ticket to ride.
Here comes the Polar Express. There was a lot of work put into making this train. He came through and had the children follow him into a room where the kids did crafts.
Cody making a bell necklace.
While the kids were in the other room, the adults split into groups and dressed one of their team members as a Christmas tree. It looked like a lot of fun, I was busy taking pictures and didn't help. My Mom's group won.
Santa came to visit...Suprise, it was Uncle Chris, Matt's brother. I had no idea. He did a great job, but Brinley knew who he was. I think he may have told her.
While being singing 'stars', I caught Cody digging for something special.
After the program there was a hot cocoa bar and dessert table.
It was really a lot of fun.


kim said...

Our Christmas parties are so lame here we skipped this year. When it has the word party in it, it implies fun. Somehow that gets lost on our ward.

Sam and Jill Family said...

Wow that is some ward party. I can't believe all that they did. How neat and fun for the kids!