Saturday, December 1, 2007

Button Trees

I have been asked by quite a few people about the "adorable button trees". So here are the directions on how to make them:

Michaels has the best selection of foam cones...Buy one.

We have collected buttons over the many years of crafting, but if you don't have any, buy them at Walmart in those packages that cost $1.78 for 130 buttons. JoAnns has them on sale once in a while for 1/2 off...Buy some.

We used pins with pearl heads or ones with different colors. Buy these at Walmart, where they are cheaper. JoAnns has a good selection too...Buy some of these also.

Take a pin and poke it through a hole in a button. You can stack buttons is you like. If you have young children, they like to see how many buttons you can get on a pin. Stick it in the cone, makeing sure to point the needle down, so that it doesn't poke through the other side. have a button tree.

Now if you ever need a button, you will have to dig through your Christmas decorations to find one.


kim said...

I know I posted this on Lori's, but The Dollar Tree has medium cones. We have 6 button trees at our house. Not all are finished though. I just leave it up at the table and the kids put a few on as they go by each time. They are loving them. I have been thinking about just taking the buttons out and starting fresh next year. Thanks for the great idea!!!

The Barney's said...

thanks for leaving directions so not so smart poeple like me...i unfortunately figured that was your fabulous button collection but that doesn't help me make mine as cute as yours. maybe i'll get the trees and start collecting buttons now and by next year i'll have some cute buttons for my trees and put them up then. lori