Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gorgeous girl

I finally was able to get my niece Natalie's senior pictures done.

She is so photogenic. Other than a few closed-eyes pictures, there really weren't many that didn't turn out beautifully.
Natalie, I hope that you like them.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting an early start

Because my days aren't filled with enought things already, I made this today. Little kimono jammies for the babe for Christmas.
Brinley will be getting a pair too...
So shhhhh, don't tell.

climbing walls

Brinley's new trick... It drives me nuts.

a sweet surprise for us...

Today I started the stress tests. I didn;t realize that i would also be getting weekly ultrasounds. YIPPEE! I have been really pondering who Sarah will look like when she is born, like Brinley and Olivia, is she going to have blonde hair, etc. While measuring amniotic fluid and looking at the placenta, the sweet sonographer took some pictures of her face in 4-D. Chubby cheeks, round head, lots of hair...thats the wavy things on her head, and she looks just like Brinley did.
I just about cried when I saw her. It makes things so much more real and she's healthy. They say she is now frank (like Olivia, legs stretched out, feet by her head) breech, but aren't concerned yet, thinking she may flip, we'll see. She is wiggly.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The last week has been filled with busy-ness.
Photos at the hospital
Forget Me Not meeting
3 hour Glucose test
doctor appointment
buying a car seat...finally
helping Brinley with "homework"
not sleeping
throwing up
and with all that, I've neglected to do any housework or yard work.
I am happy it's Fall.
I LOVE this time of year and Spokane is GORGEOUS.
It makes me want to just drive to the mountains or South Hill just to see the trees.
Thank you for all the kind comments on my interview. The article has been good for the MISS Foundation and for Forget Me Not. I think I have read it at least 10 times in the last few days.
My doctor appointment went well this morning. Sarah's heart beat is at 168, she is still transverse and likes to stretch out. I feel her head right under my left side ribs and she likes to punch my belly button, which isn't comfortable. My indigestion is not getting any better and I am now sleeping on the couch.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Spokesman Review today

My interview was published today. You can go here to read it but you won't see pictures, so I copied the original so that you could see the photos. Sorry if you can't open it any larger.
This was a very emotional thing for me. I am so happy for the way it turned out. I am also glad that my picture turned out well. Anyway, grab a few tissues, your gonna need them. I did.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I was tagged by a friend last week. i have been slacking on my blogging lately, but thought I should at least get this tag done, so here you go:

Question #1: Where were you 10 years ago?
hmmm...can I even remember that far back? I guess i would have been just getting home from living in England for 5 months. I was taking a math class at Spokane Falls Community College and working at Fred Meyer as a cashier. I didn't work there long and got a job as a car parts delivery girl, a job I really did love. I was dating a friend of my husbands and that ended when I met Matt. I was also preparing to go on a mission, which didn't happen...I met Matt instead.

Question #2: What's on your to-do list today (this list includes today and tomorrow morning's list)?
(since today is over, here is what is on my list for tomorrow)
1. take Cody and Brinley to Valleyfest
2. get some pictures sent off
3. finish editing some pictures and start editing a new batch
4. clean my bathroom
5. dust and vacuum the front room
6. take a nap...maybe
7. make dinner...maybe, if I feel all right
8. get to bed at a decent hour

Question #3: What if you were a billionaire?
I think I would pay off debts, buy awesome camera equipment that I have been coveting, travel, give to charities and of course give to my church

Question #4: Name 5 places you've lived.
1.Page, Arizona
2. Vernal, Utah
3. Woodland, California
4. Colusa, California
5. Spokane, Washington

Question #5: What are 3 bad habits you have?
hahaha...only three?
1. I love to read blogs, write on my blog, obsess over craft blogs, etc. etc. I spend too much time on blogs.
2. I HATE laundry, which means that clothes may get washed, but they don't get folded.
3. I have a disgustingly dirty car. I am lazy when it comes to cleaning it out. I am not sure why I am like this, but it hasn't been vacuumed in WAY TOO LONG...ask my sister, Julie.

Question #6: What kind of snacks do you like?
Right now is not a good time to ask me this question. My tastes have changed because EVERYTHING gives me indigestion or heartburn. However, graham crackers have been delicious, apples have not given me any grief, toast has been tasty, and ice chips have become a favorite...ask again after the babies born, I am sure my tastes might change.

Question #7: Who will you tag??
My sisters, Corinne, Julie and Kami.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

valleyfest parade

I am taking Brinley and my nephew, Cody, to the "Hearts of Gold" parade (while Matt takes in a high school football game with a friend) tonight at 7pm on Sprague between Pines and Universtiy. Anyone want to join us?
Want to know more about what's happening at Valleyfest this weekend? go here. The best part is, everything is FREE! Yippee.

Sarah Mae was spoiled...

Last night my sister, Julie, and my really good friend, Pam, along with help from my mom, gave me an awesome baby shower for Sarah. It was a perfect ending to a day were I DID NOT feel good, including throwing up just hours before the party. The food was AMAZING the gifts were awesome and it was just an all around fun, relaxed enjoyable night.
I stole this pic from Julie's blog.
Julie just looks so cute pregnant.
This Sara from the MISS Foundation, I didn't realize until she got there that we have very similar haircuts and glasses...Sara and Arah, how funny!
I got the coolest gifts from all of my friends. I was so happy to get clothes because I really didn't have any. Sarah got lots of blankets, diapers, clothes and bath stuff. There was a theme of pink and brown, which was totally awesome because I love pink and brown and everything is adorable, but it was also unintentional...maybe i was sending out brain waves or something? There was scrap booking stuff there and a lot of my friends made pages, so all I have to do is add pictures and journal. It turned out so cute, thank you everyone!

Sarah totally scored! I get to have a belly cast done, thanks to Pam, and Brinley even got a few gifts, a doll, she named Megan after a friend from school, and a little friend from her church class, Ethan, gave her some jelly bracelets and lip gloss, which she wore to school for picture day.

I want to thank everybody for everything! Julie and Pam for all the hard work they did. It was perfect. I loved everything about it. Thank you Pam for letting us crash your house. and everyone who could make it the the baby shower, it really meant a lot to me for you be there. I feel very loved. and those who couldn't make it, I know that you would have liked to have come, I feel loved by you too. if I forgot you on the invite list, it was not intentional, I tried to include everyone and I have preggo brain.

All day, yesterday, I wasn't sure how I was going to react to this baby shower. Its been kinda bittersweet, something hard to explain because I feel that it wasn't something I got to experience with Olivia. Maybe it sounds weird, but I felt like that it should have been Olivia that was supposed to get all this new stuff and Sarah to get the hand-me-downs. Maybe that is why I haven't wanted to buy anything for so long. Now it's just getting to were it's a need-to get it.

I REALLY am excited about having Sarah here. I think that her birth will be just as emotional for me as Olivia's. I think it will be a little bit surreal for us to have her here, to think that we will actually have another baby in the house, a baby that is healthy, that will cry and poop and be hungry. A baby I get to bring home...not have to hand over to the Chaplain to take to the morgue. Another sweet little girl to add to our family.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have been so bad about posting lately. With Brinley's school, being pregnant, being a photographer, running errands for Matt, not feeling all that well, and trying to keep my house clean, I just haven't had time to just sit and post.
I am taking a few minutes out of hectic day of going to the bank for Matt, going to Costco, editing pictures, sending off pictures, picking up Cody from school, taking Cody to the dentist, getting the kidlings a snack, throwing up, running to the scrapbook store for some last minute craft supplies (for a craft to show you later) and all while I have had braxton hicks one after the other ALL DAY...don't worry, I know what real ones feel like...I am taking a well needed break.
But on to my alpaca post... Monday I took senior pictures for one of my absolutely GORGEOUS nieces... Natalie, who looks JUST LIKE her mother, Lori. Talk about a super easy subject to shoot. She's a natural. I have more pictures to post later.
She lives on this farm, well, it's slowly becoming a farm with all the animals they let hang out on their property, and it is the coolest place to take photos. This year, they have 5 alpacas and a couple of horses. While we were out in the fields, the alpacas started following us. They are a hilarious animal...
with a bad haircut. They would not leave us alone.
This one in particular loved having it's picture taken and smiled for the camera. These have got to be the nicest animal ever. They are really cute and sweet. We used to have a really ugly dog, named Zach, that totally looked like an alpaca or a llama.
When meeting an alpaca for the first time, you don't put your hand out to touch it, you stick your face down by their face and touch noses...interesting huh? but don't try to catch a whiff of their breath, it's not pleasant.

Friday, September 12, 2008

september 11th

not only was yesterday the 7th anniversary of 9/11 it would also be the day that my baby, Olivia, would have been 10 months old. I was quite busy, but my thoughts turned to what she would be doing if she were here, such as, pulling herself up on the furniture, getting into everything and jabbering away.
Since I had the photographer here from the Spokesman Review, I got the chance to go through Olivia's stuff. He wanted to take some photos of her things and I got to reminisce about all the wonderful memories I have of her. I guess it actually started when I had the interview on Tuesday,which I cried through, and then Wednesday night, I was called to go take photos at the hospital, right next to the room where I delivered Olivia. The door was open so I took a peek inside and the first thing I saw was the sink where Matt and I gave Olivia her bath. I remember my dad telling me that the back of my hospital gown was open. I was wearing those wonderful underwear things the hospital gives you, so I wasn't all that worried about it.
I can't believe how fast time has gone by. And to think that by Olivia's 1st birthday, we will have another little girl to add to the bunch...and we couldn't be happier about that.
On a happy note, exactly two months from today is Sarah Mae's due date. She better have a head full fo hair, because the indigestion and heartburn is just getting worse and something better come of the pain and suffering and i won't be suprised if I deliver a monkey...have you seen her hairy father?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


On Monday, I got a phone call from a writer, Virginia de Leon, at the Spokesman Review, a local newspaper. Yesterday I was interviewed for an article in the family section about my experience with Olivia and about the Miss Foundation and the Forget Me Not Program. I am excited that I can get the word out about these great progams. I hope that my story will help other parents and families out there that need the encouragement that everything will be okay, that they can get through their tough time and that someone out there knows what they are going through.
Tomorrow, a photographer is coming to take a picture of me for the article. I am feeling large and very pregnant and I hope that they can photoshop out my second chin.
The article will be ran on September 22nd in the family section of the paper.

Monday, September 8, 2008

david and lucy

Matt's nephew, David, married an adorable girl, Lucy, and I got the privilege of taking their photos. So here is a sneak preview...

Congratulations you two!

Spokane County Interstate Fair

Friday night Brinley and I headed to the fair with my mom, Julie and Cody. A few highlights from our adventure:

Sarah is hanging out with the rabbits.

Cody and Brinley LOVED the bees, they thought bees were hilarious and just wouldn't stop laughing at them. Cody even found the queen bee.

Cody pointed out all the rides he didn't want to go on.

Every year, these guys from South America come and play music, trying to sell their CDS, and ever since Brinley was just a baby, she has to dance to their music. This year was no exception. In fact, I believe Julie has one of their CD's and puts it on to clean the house.
The kidlings had to go on a few rides. Brinley has been bugging me ALL Summer to go to the fair just to ride the rides.

And you can't leave ther fair without a few carnival prizes. Julie found these fantastic shades. Don't be jealous...you can get your own pair at the fair. You may see these beauties on a model or two on her ebay site. Brinley had to have a red monkey, which she will carry around for a year before she puts it down. This went to bed with her when we got home.
I have to say, the fair isn't quite as enjoyable when you are 7 months preggo and your feet are killing you.


You never know how big you actually are, until... you see a picture of yourself.
And to think I still have 91/2 weeks to go. Sarah better come sooner than that. Yesterday at church, I was asked if i was having twins...sigh.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I ahve been wanting to cut my hair for what seems like ages. Matt's cute, adorable niece, Lindsay, is in town and she cut my hair. I LOVE it! Thank you Lindsay! I'll get better pics of it later. There is a lot I can do with it. Now I'll look good in the delivery room, as long as I can keep it trimmed.


As I wait for pictures to download...
here are a few things Brinley has said recently that made me laugh.
Brinley: "Mom, hurry! Come here!"
Me: (running to her bedroom) "Brinley whats wrong?"
Brinley: "Oh, good. You made it just in time."
Me: What is it Brinley?"
Brinley: "I tooted."
Brinley: "Mom, when Sarah Mae is born, can I teach her words?"
Me: "Sure."
Brinley: "I am going to teach her how to say chicken and crackers and toilet paper."

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

A few days late, this is my ONE YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY!
I had big plans to write something witty and cleaver and exciting...my brain is just not into it right now...I can't imagine why. So, happy anniversary to me.
This weekend has been crazy...
Right after school got out Friday, Brinley and I headed to Duvall, Wa with my parents, Julie and Cody.All these cousins got to be together for Makaela's baptism.And my cousin, Darla (my sister's twin)and her adorable family came up for the weekend also. We had such a good time. Next time, Jordan and Megan, you guys need to come. We would have loved to see you. Your girls would have fit right in with the rest of them.
Darla's adorable little June reminded me so much of Brinley.

These kids had so much fun together, even with all the fighting and whining.

We got home Sunday afternoon and visited with all of the Kunz family that came into town for Matt's newphew, David and Lucy's wedding this coming weekend.

Since Lori's birthday was today, we went to their house for a big Kunz family get together and celebrated her birthday.

Along with some target practice. Those Kunz girls sure love their guns. I think I would have joined them, except that I really didn't feel like it.

Lori also found a little snake that Brinley became obsessed with. She wasn't so sure about it until she finally touched it and then wouldn't quit touching it. But, she wouldn't touch it.