Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

Every year we have a Christmas Eve party at my parents. and every year we do a gift exchange. This year we decided that we would combine the white elephant gifts with the real ones. Here is what we ended up taking home. I believe eveyone needs a wild cat head in their home. Especially one that is covered in animal print.

At least we brought something to exchange that was actually of use.
Brinley and Cody got pj's, as usual. They always open their jammies on Christmas Eve. This year, they coordinated. I swear, these two could be brother and sister. They sure act like they are!


Kaisa Bailey said...

Merry Christmas late Arah! That is so crazy that you got anti-Monkey Butt powder to bring to the exchange because that's what Scott and I brought home from the exchange! At least it will be useful around here...and thanks for telling Kerri to get me a large fleece. I would have never fit into a medium right now! Thankfully someone understands what it's like to have an abnormally unproportioned body after having a baby! Love ya!
(and please tell me my house isn't the only one that looks like an atomic bomb has been dropped on it?!)

Marisa said...

That is really funny; at a white elephant party we had someone brought "Butt-out" ... where do people find this stuff??

I love your little family and I hope you guys are having an excellent Christmas season!

arah said...

Butt powder must have been the theme this year.

kim said...

My kids got the same jammies this year. As soon as I can find where the pictures are on my mom's computer they will be posted!!