Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 the good...the bad...the fun we had

2007 as come and gone. What a year for our family. So many things happened.
Here is my year in review:
In february we bought a new van, well, new to us. (Sorry, no pictures)
In May, Matt graduated from Whitworth with a Bachelors in Organizational Management...YEAH! Except it still feels like school will never end. He walked in May but had to finish three more classes. He has one to go. He will have his diploma in hand come February.
In July we found out that our baby was sick. Lots of doctor appointments this month!
In August we took a vacation with the Erickson family to Seaside, OR for a whole week! Loved it!We also stopped by Mount St. Helens on the way home from Seaside. In September, Brinley started preschool. She loves it and her teachers!
November I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Olivia, then had her funeral 5 days later...

Well, most of you know what's happened from there...We wish you all a hAppY 2008!


janet said...

What a year!!!!!!! We hope that 2008 is filled with blessings, happiness and peace for you and your family!

Forever Young said...

I cannot express how my heart breaks for the pain that you have had to experience. I am truely sorry. We love you guys so much and miss you. If you ever need to talk or cry to someone, I am always here. And though I may not understand completely, I do understand to a degree.