Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Latter Day Sentinel

Olivia's story was featured once again.
Thank you Sarah for letting us share with you.

mop top

She has wild hair. I love it. She jabbers up a storm. Tells me all about whatever it is she has in her hand and then says 'here go', and gives it to me.
she likes the camera andops to pose or make a face. I love it.
13 months is an awfully fun age.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Matt turned 40 on the 23rd. I did really good trying to keep his surprise party a secret and Matt's sister, Ami, did a great job on telling him lies to get him to come to her house for dinner that night.I had a cake made of his car, thank you Happy Cake!!! He loves his car, so it was perfect. He did find out about the cake being made...by accident, trying to fix my voicemail, but had no clue that it was going to be as cool as it turned out. And since he was so not looking forward to turning 40, I had my niece, Melissa, make this '40 blows' centerpiece. It was a hit with all the kids who love blowpops. When Matt walked in and saw the ' shrine' I made if him, he said it looked like he was at a funeral...haha, but that really wasn't the point of it. He got lots of cards and gifts from lots of people who love him.I think I figured about 65 people at the party. We even had a few who were going to come, but couldn't make it last minute. I think we would have had over 75.He was completely blown away by all the love. He LOVED his cake. I am so glad I was able to pull it off, even if he did have some idea that something was happening. My family got him a bunch of 'old people' stuff, like depends and hemorrhoid cream. It's tradition...then the fun part is that you have to take it all back to the store for a refund and spend the money on something you want. I hope you had an awesome birthday Matt. I love you!!!
oh...and a huge THANK YOU to all those that helped me with the party and getting it all together and also for taking pictures. There is NO WAY I could have done it all by myself. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Olivia's 2nd birthday

I really need to be better about posting on my blog. Life has been super busy and I just haven't had a chance to sit at the computer for blogging. Today I have a bad head cold and I feel like crap, so I'm not doing much, perfect time for posting...
for Olivia's birthday, we went to visit her little grave. Other's had visited too and left balloons...THANK YOU! It meant a lot. Matt had to work, so it was me and the girls.
We brought apples and pears and Brinely picked out a dozen roses too. Sarah sculpted an apple with her teeth before leaving it for the deer.Julie and her kids met us out at the cemetery, but it was so cold, we waited in the car for them. Brinley picked out an apple for herself and shared it with Sarah while we waited.Cody brought some carrots, well actually a huge bag. The kids scattered them everywhere. I am sure the deer feasted that night. It was a nice, quiet day. We left from there and went to the mall. We dropped the older kids off to play while we took the babies and walked around, window shopping.
We didn't make a cake this year, I didn't feel like making it. I didn't cry this year either. But made up for it the next day when I went to the WSU Spokane campus and spoke with the nursing students, which has always been healing for me.