Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the Eggs.

My sister's kids. Lola's eyes just pop.
And she is getting quite smiley.
Cody is just a sweet little boy.


She is always so happy.And her two front teeth make her smile even more adorable. She finally got a hair cut. Her 3 inch mullet is now gone.
I'm not sad to see it go.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

diagram of my babies wild hair.

It's sad that when you have a baby that is born with a lot of hair, they eventually wear it off in the back. Then they get to the age of the "funky-do", and your not quite sure what to do with it. Do you cut off the mullet? Do you just let it be? What about the 2 horrible dreadlocks that stick straight out from her head?...AHHHHHH!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

silly sarah.

She was sooooo tired.
I would have stuck my tounge out too.
But even as tired as she was, she gave me a smile too.

love a find

I haven't stepped into a Walmart in more than a month. Today I needed to go there for some reason and at the moment, don't know why I chose Walmart. I prefer Target.
As I strolled (yes, I got to stroll in Walmart, of all places) down the isles, I spotted this: I LOVE it...for $6. It fits nicely into the tiny kitchen I have and I get a drawer back to use as I like.
Sometimes, the trip to Walmart is worth it.

cousins are awesome

and I can't wait for when Sarah and Lola will grow up and become best friends...just like Brinley and Cody.

goodbye Kindy-garten.

She graduated...rrr, well, got a certificate for finishing Kindergarten.
Our school district doesn't allow Kindergarten graduations.
She was so excited! And I am most positive that I had that exact same certificate when I actually did graduate Kindergarten. We had the whole hat and gown, walk down the isle, sing a song, play the xylophone, walk across the bridge, shake the Principal and teacher's hand, eat some cake, graduation...I have pictures to prove it and I remember almost every detail of that day. But i did come up with an idea for a gift. I will just say, Wordle is awesome! It's free and you can make some cool stiff with it. LOVE IT! And she will tell you how to do it and get an awesome outcome (love her blog). I added all of the kids names from her class, her teachers name, her school, the school year and the word Kindergarten. Then you just click the button and the website does all the work for you.
His gift includes:
*framed Wordle print
*2 tickets to the movies
*a thank you card from me
*and a sweet letter from Brinley,
with a little help with spelling, but it was all her. Thats a lot of writing for a 6 year old to do in one night.
I hope he likes it. Men teachers are hard to get stuff for.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

just stuff.

First of all, thank you everyone for the suggestions. There was an overall consensus of movie tickets/gift cards. I think I know what I am going to do now, so THANK YOU! We still have 2 weeks of school left, so I will post about what the gifts are next week.
On to my baby:
She is getting big, 7 months next week. To my surprise, a tooth popped up yesterday. My sweet baby turned into a clingy cranky baby overnight. She wants her momma close by her. If I can get a picture of it, I will. Brinely didn't get a tooth until 13 months. I was hoping Sarah would have waited too. oh, well.
Have you ever known a kid to not like a Bumbo chair? I give you this child. 3-5 minutes while I feed her some carrots or sweet potatoes, but that's it. She wants out immediately.
My sister, Julie, found this adorable antique high chair at a yard sale the other day (thanks Julie!) It fits nicely with the age of my house. It's some what small. It fits in my kitchen. Its adorable. Sarah loves it, but she can't quite sit up by herself yet...she is getting there though. This high chair doesn't come with a restraint so I had to come up with something so she wouldn't slide out. Problem solved...for now: The "Betty Belt' as it is known in our house. It belongs to Brinley who, surprise, found it at a yard sale about a month ago. It works for now, but my plans are to make a little seat cover and seat belt.
It seems as if Summer has finally arrived in Spokane. The weather here has been gorgeous. As of yesterday and today I have trimmed all the hedges (not a small task), killed off as many weeds as I could, planted my last tomato plant (we should have a nice little garden of green beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, crookneck squash, pumpkins and watermelon), mowed our small backyard, but left the big side and front yard for Matt, got the sprinkler system working with the help of my Papa (Thanks Dad!), and will start painting the picnic table my mom gave us. I found a bright shade of orange in the basement that I think will actually look pretty cool on the table. It was left here from the previous owners...they had some interesting color choices in this house.
Next week I will be helping out in Brinley's class a few extra days. Next Friday is a field trip to the bowling alley for the kindergartners, while the rest of the school gets to go to a movie at the Garland, Monsters vs. Aliens...Lucky!
We will be having our annual Erickson Family Yard Sale next weekend. This time it will be held at my house. I am sure my brother, Jared, is happy about that. Matt is excited to have his garage back.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

suggestions wanted!

I am in need of some teacher gifts. I am usually good about coming up with something, but Brinley's teacher is MALE! What do you get a male teacher? Also, I need to get a thank you gift for her bus driver too.
Any suggestions?
links to any blogs would be great too...like this one.
Thanks ya'll!