Sunday, April 26, 2009

questions answered

For those of you that have asked about how I made Brinley's birthday cake, here is the link, (hillarious post to read, by the way). You can thank my niece, Betsie, for letting me know about it.
the flowers in my header can be seen at Manito Parks Conservatory. I think they were the only thing in bloom when I took them. I've noticed a lot of the trees have finally blossomed. Can't wait for the lilacs.
The "Death Cab For Cutie" concert was AWESOME! Matt and I were the oldest people sitting in our section. We brought binoculars and I could just see the faces of all the kids sitting around us, the "why would anybody bring binoculars to this concert" face. Little did they all know that the guy playing bass was wearing orange stripped socks and used a pick, the guitarist was wearing Nikes and the singer was actually there!...I think deep down, they wanted to take a peek too. Also, some lame-o girl in front of us lit up a cigarette. Being the "old fart" of the section, I ratted her out. Totally worth it.


The only day I get to sleep in past 6am. Church doesn't start until 11...LOVE IT!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Brinley's birthday.

So before I head off to see Death Cab For Cutie tonight, I thought I would post once more because I might not get to it for a coupld more days.

Here is Brinley's birthday. Monday we took AWESOME rainbow cupcakes to school (i didn't even notice that they matched Brinley's shirt. Maybe thats why she picked it out). They were a hit with everyone. Thank you Betsie, for the idea. LOVED IT! However, I don't recommend doing rainbow cupcakes...pain in the behind.

Later, we invited a few friends and family over for a BBQ. Brinley choose steak, potatoes and corn for the menu. It was delicious, even if my plate was stepped on, ran over by a wagon and soda spilled on it, none of which was done by me.

She choose the color of frosting and asked for sparkle candles, which i was not about to drive out to Walmart for. The squiggly ones would just have to do.

We cut open the cake and surprised everyone with yet another rainbow cake. Way easier than the cupcakes. It was a hit.

Brinley was spoiled rotten. WAY SPOILED! She got a Nintendo DSi, including games and a case, Heelies (she is still trying to figure out how to walk in them), an umbrella and sunglasses (which we took to Seattle, but didn't end up needing), Littlest Pet Shop (one of her favorite toys), money (another fav), bubbles and a ladybug garden stake (which keeps moving around in the garden area). It was a fun day for her.
That night she had all of her gifts taken away for three days. I guess maybe you should be thankful for what you get and not complain about things...

Outdoor Learning Center

Brinley has had 2 field trips in 2 weeks. It's been to the same place, but they have learned about different things.
The first time they went, the kids learned about life cycles, made a craft about the life cycle of a lady bug and became ants, sniffing out the scent of rootbeer.
(see the boy on the right? Brinley thinks he's pretty cute)
The second time, they learned all about birds. They got to go through an obstacle course, as birda, of course.(she is "flying" over buildings here)

and they got to meet the new bald eagle that was sent here from Alaska. He was hit by a car. He's blind in one eye and missing a wing.


The MISS meeting this month was quiet. There weren't any new families this time. It's nice to be able to talk about things a little more in depth. We don't always get that chance when there are new families.
Matt and I are also on a parent panel. He's been to the meetings, but usually can't make it to the classes and things that happen during the day. We were all invited to speak at a class for infant loss to nurses, doctors, chaplains, etc. I enjoy going to these types of classes. It keeps Olivia close and I always learn something, usually the medical side of things, but it facinates me. Yesterday, we were invited to share our story with students at ICN. This was my 3rd or 4th time doing this. Again, I enjoy sharing my story and answering questions.
I think I get a break from meetings the rest of this month.


I said I would post more this week. I still have 2 days left...nothing like waiting till the last of the week to get it done. Anywho, my life has been completely nuts lately. Busier than busy, almost too much for me.
The past two weeks have been filled with:
field trips
Women's Show
birthday parties
and tonight... a concert. WOOHOO!

I'll post about each thing individually. I don't want to have a ginormous post.

Monday, April 20, 2009

6 today.

I know I should have posted this earlier. Had taken the time to write some sweet little ditty about my oldest, but I haven't. I haven't had the time to stop and do it. The last few weeks have been go, go , go... but I promise, I will catch up this week with the goings and comings of my life. Now on to something much more important...
hAppY bIrtHdAy BRINLEY! This is a girl with an attitude one minute.And a sweetheart, cuddlebug the next...not sure where that came from...(cough, cough).She has a silly sense of humor.

And doesn't care if her outfit doesn't match, or her hair is not done.

She is full of life and brings some major laughs and loves to our family. She is the best big sister to Sarah and remembers to mention Olivia just about everyday.

We love you Sunshine...or Cheese...or Stinky Pants!

She has had about a week worth of birthday, which I will post about later...maybe tomorrow.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Olivia's headstone was placed this past Tuesday.
This afternoon, I got the call from Genisis Granite. I called Matt right away, with tears in my eyes, to tell him. We had to wait until he got done with work so we could go see it together. It's perfect. small. just like our little Olivia.
Her footprints are my favorite part. The detail of her sweet little toes is just too much. All of my sweet girls together.
Sarah kept staring at the chimes.
Brinley placed the rocks around her grave, just so. We took a few home tonight. We will be bringing them back, painted, on Sunday.
Happy Easter Olivia!

park day.

We finally had some nice weather this week.
Tuesday, I picked up cody from school and took the kids to the park. A fly landed on Brinley.
oh no...a fly.
They dug in the dirt. Played hide and seek.
Ran up and down hills.
And were in an imaginary band.

I got to enjoy all of the flowers.

None of which were outside, but beautiful just the same.

Easter egg dyeing.

Yesterday we dyed Easter eggs with Julie, Cody and Lola. Julie boiled 4 dozen would think that was enough. Nope. The kids wanted more. But you can only eat so many hard boiled eggs.

The babies played.

The end.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

spring break.

The reason for visiting Utah:these three babies. and hanging out with our sister, Corinne.

What we did: visited Temple Square.waited for the train to go to the Planetarium.
(this is Duvlain, isn't he adorable!)
visited my Aunt and cousins.
and I saw my friend, Emily, and her boys.
(her baby, Jamen, is two weeks older than Sarah)
We also:
-visited Hobby Lobby (not all that impressed)
- shopped at DI
-put a puzzle together
-texted and called our husbands back in Spokane
-laughed a lot
-ate at Lion House Pantry
-did not enjoy the snow
-stayed up way too late
-woke up way too early


For Spring break this week, me and the girls (along with my mom, Julie and her kids) took a trip to Logan, UT to visit my sister, Corinne and meet her new baby, Chloe.
We took a million photos of the babies.
Mine is monster sized, hairyand very animated.she kicked back while the other two cried and slept.