Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Manito Park Conservatory

While at Manito Park today, I walked through the Observatory and HOLY COW! I did not know they decorate the place with 30,000 lights. It is only lit up until this Sunday. Great family activity. Maybe stop and get a hot cocoa after. Very beautiful. Best of all, it's FREE! We were there during the day, I can't imagine what it would look like after 4pm, when it gets dark here in Spokane. Here is the information below... This picture isn't that great, but maybe you can get the idea. It's a poinsettia Christmas tree.


kim said...

I love it when places take the time and effort to get all festive. Especially when it's free. This year we are going to the zoo for the Zoolights Festival. It's not free though. Fortunately for us, it is included in our membership. It's supposed to be incredible. We'll be hitting it on our way up to Seattle. Kevin is on call the weekend before Christmas and so the kids and I are heading up to Mom's Saturday and he'll follow after work on Monday.

julie said...

we're going to day after i pick up cody from school. he is excited. :)

Sam said...

Thanks for the great idea! We went tonight around 5pm. With the snow on the ground and the beautiful lights inside, it really is starting to feel like Christmas. We left voicemails for more of our friends to go. Well worth it! Thanks again - Love Sam