Friday, December 14, 2007

Brinley's Ornaments

Brinley's school had another family night where all the kids got to make 5 ornaments. We invited Cody and Julie to come with us. Here is what Brinley made...
She left her signature on this one's face. The 'blob' down the middle is buttons.
Hasn't everyone made a reindeer candycane?
I love this reindeer. It is my favorite.
For those of you who know what Homestar Runner is, this is snowman Marzipan.
Good ole' pinecone, glue and glitter.
We had such a fun time and Brinley loved the crafts!


Josh n Betsie said...

cute cute cute...I would love to make those with Jadon. Except I haven't see a pinecone yet. hmmm. I wonder if they have them here?

kim said...

Very cute and fun to go to the craft night at school. I have yet to do that. We just do them at home.

It took me along time to easily allow the kids' "unperfect" ornaments on the tree. I'm not sure if I still do it easily. I guess we have found another place I have to be in control. I do enjoy watching them make them, they love it so much. Maybe that is why I out a little tree in the family room for them. It's bad, I know.