Sunday, May 24, 2009

been there, done that.

We did it.
We drove FOREVER, actually, about 2 1/2 hours to see this: Was it worth it? Not so much.
Yeah, they are pretty. But when it's 90 degrees, there are two babies under 7 months, you forget the sunscreen, the hiking is not for mothers with small children and did I mention it was HOT, it's not a good combination.
oh, and I got my hair cut and colored. I LOVE it. It's one of the easiest hairstyles I've had. Nobody noticed it was colored so much, but they all thought I had gotten a tan, that made me happy because then I know it looks natural. Cutie-patootie Heather and me and Sarah. I love this backpack. I used it with Brinley, Cody had it before that, Makaela before that. It's awesome!
We found every shade spot possible. Practically running to stay covered from the sun. I asked Brinley if I could get a picture of her with the falls behind her.
She posed.
So I asked again and again and again.
What a goofball.

Friday, May 22, 2009

movie night.

The boys all went fishing this weekend. That left all the girls home with the kids. What do you do with a 3 day weekend and no men around?
*Take the kids to a movie* Sarah did awesome, not a peep from her, okay, a squeal here and there, but she was amazingly good. Little Lola wasn not too happy at the thought of a movie and didn't make it through the trailers before Julie ended up taking her home. I don't think she was feeling very well. Brinley and Cody loved it. There favorite part, The Thinker.

Great family movie.

Tomorrow we are off to this place:

Doesn't this place look magical?

I don't know a single person who has been to see the Palouse Falls, but I know a lot of people who have wanted to go. I'll let you know if it's worth it.

just like mom.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Barbara, this ones for you.

( I know you read this, Barbara, so please forgive me, or you can just go ahead and write it in the notebook *smile*)
For the past few months, I have been working on a project. I thought about what this project should be. I eventually settled on something I knew would be perfect.
I worked on this project while my baby slept, while Brinley was at school, when Matt would come home and play with the girls. I finished it just in time.
My Mother in-law turned 75 this past Monday.
(I LOVE this picture of her, she looks so happy)
This is where the project became a gift.
There are two things I know for sure about my Mother in-law, one, she loves the color blue, and, two, she loves to read. So, I made this lap quilt for her. I am not one to use a pattern when it comes to making quilts, but this one just jumped out at me and it had her written all over it. The back, however, is not a pattern. That part is all me.
I have a book in mind to go along with it, but I am still trying to get that half of the gift to her...if I could find the book.
Barbara, I'm sorry that this is almost a week late, but I want to thank you for being such a wonderful Mother and Grandmother. You have always accepted me for who I am, even the times when I have been ornery, which is often. I know your notebook on me would have so much more written in it than mine ever would.
Brinley loves you and has a very awesome relationship with you. She has a love of music that I know was gained from your singing to her as a baby, letting her 'play' your piano and your teaching her all the songs she sings now, like 'Little Boy Blue'. She talks of you often and is always so excited to visit you.
I hope Sarah will have a relationship with you the same way you have one with Brinley.
Last Saturday, the Kunz kids threw a little party for Barbara. All of her children were here. Since it's not often that the siblings are together, we took some photos.
Sarah got to hang out with her Aunts all day too. Thank you Toni, Juli and Ami for watching my girls for me and to Lori for having the party at her house. I am really, really glad to have married into such an awesome family.

Friday, May 15, 2009

happy day.

My last post felt a little depressing. I thought I should post about happy things this time around.
We bought some couches from some friends. Last night, our friends brought us new-to-us couches. Ours were really, really sad. We moved them downstairs where the kids can take them apart, build forts out of them, jump off of them, you know, the things that kids want to do with furniture that parents never let them.
So here they are:
my lighting was bad, they really do match.
We love them already. They are coushier and more comfortable than our last ones. Thank you Farman family. Especially to Chris, who had to help Matt move our old couch downstairs and the new ones in the front froom. Not an easy job. (We had to take the old couch outside and around to the back door then remove the front door and entry light fixture to get the new couches in) These couches won't be going anywhere for a long time.
Spring is finally here...I hope. We have had a few cold nights, but I think my plants will start to survive the now, warmer weather. My beans and peas have come up already. The plants that are in the house are outgrowing their little pots. I am going to plant them outside today. The flowers in the cup were from Brinley, she picked all the tulips in our yard. At least we get to enjoy them for a few days. I guess it's time to throw these ones out. (sorry, my sink is disgusting, I need to do some dishes.)
Today I am taking Sarah swimming for the first time. She loves baths, so this should be fun. Brinley is a little fish and is so excited that I am actually going to be in the water with her. At least at the Y, it's all a bunch of moms with babies and toddlers. One problem, the only swim suit I have right now is a maternity one. Nice. I am not about to go out and buy a new one while I am still losing weight, so I am just going to wear a cover up. And no, I won't be taking a picture of myself...and neither will you, Julie.
This weekend is packed with lots of fun stuff.
*Brinely has a spend-the-night with her cousin, Cody.
*shooting a wedding with my friend, Karen, Saturday afternoon.
* getting together with some family and friends.
* My Mother in-law is celebrating her 75th birthday on Monday. I am sure we will be stopping by with birthday wishes sometime before then.
*editing photos, oh wait, I do that ALL THE TIME, maybe I'll be taking a break from that this weekend.
*working in the yard and gardening. YAY!
* Oh, and its supposed to get up to 80 degrees on Sunday WOOHOO!, we will definitely be spending some time outside.

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I was pretty sure that I would get through today without crying, that it wouldn't affect me too much, that I would remember her without the emotion. My beautiful Olivia should be running around the house, wanting me to play with her, needing me to snuggle her and I can't do any of it. Today, Olivia would be 18 months old.
I can't imagine having 2 babies in the house, how crazy my life would be. The many things that wouldn't get done, the diapers I would need to change, the schedule I would have to keep, the people I wouldn't have met, the families that may have not gotten photos of their child without me, the test of my faith, the things I would have not learned.
Olivia, I miss you but I know that you are happy and healthy. You watch over me and help me through the hard times.
So forgive me, if you call and I don't answer the phone and that if I do, I sound a little down. I miss my baby and this is just one of the many milestones that she won't be here for.
The world does not stand still for parents who's child has died. But their lives have changed forever and over time, people forget that. Yesterday, I did my best to remember everyone I know that has an angel. I emailed most of them and told them that I was thinking of them, because I was. Many have other children and have had a child or two since their loss, many of them had their very first Mother's Day without their child with them. And one in particular, who I visited in person, has lost all 3 of her children and spent Mother's Day alone (her husband has also passed away). I wanted her especially to know that I was thinking of her. I cried with her. I didn't get a chance to stay long, but I am going to do my best to visit her often.
I thank my Heavenly Father for Olivia everyday. I thank Him for letting her be part of my family. I thank Him for teaching me patience, faith and serving others. For teaching me that I can get through the hardest of things. And...that I CAN speak in front of large groups of people and not be nervous.
18 months, Olivia. I can't believe it's been that long.

Friday, May 8, 2009

6 months.

My sweet little baby is 6 months old today.Where did the time go?
Her favorite things include:
eating. she loves sweet potatoes and carrots, but prefers mom over anything. She likes mum-mum crackers and puffs too.
playing. she loves her johnny jump up. LOVES it! She also likes to roll around on the floor, but tends to get stuck next to the couch. She also loves to stare at herself in the mirror.
talking. She is quite the vocal child and says "dadadada" all the time. Matt doesn't mind. She enjoys sticking her tongue out and blowing razzies.
mornings. I really do wish she would sleep past 6am, but she loves her mornings. She jabbers and plays while I try to take a little nap on the couch.
outside. she loves being outside. I don't blame her, she hasn't seen much of it in her short life. What do you expect when your born in the winter. she hangs out in the Kelty back pack while I garden or rake or push Brinley on the swing.
She is still quite happy most of the time. Loves her sister. No one can get her laughing like Brinley.
But today, on her 1/2 birthday, she is sick with a cold and woke up with a cough.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

my girls.

The other day Brinley wanted to play outside with some friends we had over. It was getting a little chilly and I asked Brinley to go put something warmer on. She came out looking like this:The girl loves skirts, so why not accessorize...with snow boots, gloves and a fleece hat. She has a funny sense of humor.
Brinley adores her little sister. Once in a while, she dresses her up in sunglasses and a hat or something. Sarah doesn't mind all that much. She loves Brinley to pieces and gets so excited to see her when she comes home from school.
Sarah loves her Johnny jump-up. She falls asleep in it every so often.

I love these little moments.


This past week, Brinley recieved an award for Trustworthiness from her teacher. There were actually about 20 or so kids that actually got the same award, but Brinley still felt 100 feet tall. Her favorite part was that she got a sucker too. I am pretty proud of her.
In fact, when she did something at home that she lied about, she said, "I guess I wasn't being very trustworthy, was I." I'm glad that she understands what it means, especially since it's such a big word for her.


A few weeks ago we went to visit my brother and his family on the west side of the state. His oldest two girls were up visiting during spring break.
When you get with cousins, why not all play in next to each other while you all are on your own DS. Sarah just made faces, lots of them.
We went to Pike Place Market and down on the pier.
Ate at the Crab Pot. I had a hamburger, if you were wondering. (I don't like fish. YUCK!)
(Aren't these girls gorgeous!)Brinley had Calamari and chips. She LOVES calamari.
We checked out the boats on the water and watched the birds poop on everything.
Bought some real nice jewelry at Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe.
Laughed with Jasmine when she got scared by the monk fish.
Sat on the ginormous brass pig.
Tried to cram as many people into an elevator as possible along with a stroller.
Found this really cool bench made out of books and had to take a picture sitting on it.
Ate some amazing food at a restaraunt that my Sister-in-law works at.
See, it was delicious.
And really did hang out and play with the cousins.