Friday, September 25, 2009

busy. little. bee.

Guess what Sarah learned to do this week... CLIMB.
She got on the couch all by herself.
She got caught and laughed at me...this is going to be fun...

And now she thinks its funny.
and says "uh oh"
and laughs some more.
and I was worried about her walking.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the fair

last weekend we went to the fair with my sister and her family. My sister, Julie, entered a few pics and even won 3rd place in childrens portraits with a picture of my nephew. It was a pretty cool.
She entered a picture of Matt singing during a rockband marathon last Christmas. We didn't tell him until the first day of the fair when I texted him a picture of his picture. He was surprised.
Julie tried to get a family photo of us...this is the best one...sad isn't it...and Sarah isn't even in the picture. I look like a total dork and Matt is looking off into the distance at something interesting, I'm sure, because taking a family photo for him is almost as pleasing as going to the dentist.We watch too much Project Runway. Brinley has a bit of the runway attitude.

She did get a somewhat decent shot of the two of us.
It was fun.
The end.
*Has blogger gotten really sucky lately? Or is it just me?*

Thursday, September 10, 2009

little miss is 10 months old

Sarah turned 10 months old this week and...~ is tall and skinny.
~ takes out her barretts and chews on them. I am not willing to cut her hair.
~ loves sweet potatoes, graham crackers and apple bits, but her favorite is mommy milk.
~ can say: mama, dada, nigh-nigh, uh-oh, hi and jabbers a lot.
~ loves her binky binks.
~thinks that everyone else has something more interesting to play with
~ is walking along the furniture
~ loves patting Lola's bald, round noggin
~sleeps through the night
~thinks the kitchen table is her fort
~LOVES her big sister (sisa)
~ takes tiny bites out of her gold fish crackers
~loves pretzels
~loves jumping
~ doesn't take her time waking up, when shes awake, she is up!
~ takes short 30 minute naps 2-3 times a day (once in a while I get lucky and she will sleep for 2 hours)
~loves to be in the bath as long as Brinley is in there with her
~hates to ride backwards on long car trips
~ is like the energizer bunny
~loves to play with wires (consantly trying to hide them all)
~loves to put her fingers in my mouth
~loves to walk to the school (i walk, she rides in a backpack) to pick Brinley up
~loves mer mama and dada and sisa

Monday, September 7, 2009

first day of 1st grade

We aren't very good about having a bedtime during the Summer. I hate having a schedule when I don't really have to have one. Although, when school starts, it's back to schedules, bedtimes and routines.
We started our bedtime schedule about 2 days before school started, not really enough time to adjust. It took me 40 minutes to get this kid out of bed for school. Good thing I started early.
As it was time to leave, I wanted to get a picture of her.
So she made this face.
But then let me take another.
She LOVES her new class and teacher.
She got into the SPICE Program, which is a parent involvement program and they get to go on more field trips through out the year. There are only 2 classes in each grade at her school. You are either in the neighborhood class or the SPICE class, so you will have the same kids in your class all through elementary. Brinley switched classes, but finds her old friends during recesses. She does miss her friends, but hasn't had a problem making new ones. She has already been invited to a birthday party.
Her teacher is awesome! She gives the kids really cool jobs every week. Brinely's job this last week was to be the magician. She has to show the class a magic trick and even wore a cloak for her performance.
It will be a good year.

Pig Out In The Park 09

Saturday evening we met up with some of Matt's nieces and nephews at Pig Out. It was a pretty nice night out, luckily, because the rain came early the next morning.

The happy dorks.And their children.

Cody and Melissa. And their adorable Miss Kennady.Clacie and Mike. I don't know why I didn't get a picture of them together. We had a really fun, relaxing time. The place was crowded, as usual. Good music, for the most part, not exactly my style, but the kids liked it.
Matt won't ever let me take a normal picture of him...well maybe this is normal.We watched a concert at one of the stages in the park. There are a lot of weirdos in Spokane. The 90's band, Cracker, was playing. Do Not get confused with Uncle Cracker, because this band wasn't that good. I think Pig Out in the Park just lets you sample all the greasy Fair food a week early, because it is the EXACT same food. Who came up with the fried snickers bar anyway? It sounds disgusting. Has anyone ever eaten one of those before?