Friday, September 28, 2007

The Casket

First of all, I hope not to offend anyone with the pictures. Believe me, I know that they can produce tears...
When we found out about the baby having so many problems, my parents really wanted to do something for us. So my Dad, who can build anything, asked if it would be okay if he could build the casket. Of course! I just wasn't sure that he could actually finish it...building something like this for a grandchild, well, I just wasn't sure. When we would go over to my parents, I would go and check on the progress of it, not an easy thing to do in our situation, especially when you are staring at a tiny casket and the baby is kicking me. My Dad did an amazing job. I know that he literally put his tears into this. My mom calls us yesterday and was worried that we wouldn't like something about the casket, and to come take a look at it, if we felt we could. So today, I stopped by to see what she was so worried about. I don't know how I could possibly be disappointed by anything! It was beautiful and perfect! My mom had finished the inside of the casket and thought, because I like things simple, that I might think it was "over-the-top", in her words. I think that if my parents are doing something so amazing as this, I don't have the right to complain. I really fought to keep the tears back. I did okay until we started talking about what to do for the funeral. Then I realized that there really isn't much time left. I don't wish my situtaion on anyone. Anyway...I take pictures of everything, so, here are a few pictures of the casket...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tea Party

All day Brinley bugged me about having a Tea Party. So I told her that for afternoon snack, we would take it to the back yard and have a "Tea Party". Our party consisted of apple juice and blueberry mini-muffins, at Brinley's request. It was a lot of fun. We even had a few surprise visitors. Brinley was so polite and said lots of Please and Thank you's. She even poured me a cup of "Tea". Oh yeah, the party was "Specspacular"!Yummy!
Enjoying a muffin.
Grandma Kunz, one of our visitors.
Piggie Pig, our neighbor, the other visitor. She ate 2 muffins. Then we picked some squash for her to enjoy too.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I had to post these pictures. This is my daughter to a T. She is goofy all the time. Oh...I just love her!


Valleyfest was this weekend and I had promised Brinley that I would take her. I have a horrible cold, but do i listen to a child whine all day, or just go and be miserable the next day? I decided to be miserable, and I am. I didn't sleep last night very well, i woke up at 2:30 and finally fell back to sleep at 6:30. I missed church, which I probably would have missed anyway. So back to Valleyfest...Matt and I took her to the parade on Friday. It's like getting candy at Halloween, except that you don't have to dress up and they give you handfulls of candy. Then we went to the drag races where we met my parents and Julie, Merv and Cody. I recommend not taking children, unless you would like them to learn a few new words.
Saturday was the "fest". Brinley had a blast! The best part, EVERYTHING is free! YEAH!

Brinley got a Lotus flower. She has taken it apart and put it together about 10 times already.
She got her face painted by a 10 year old, i recommend that if you go into the face painting business you have more than 5 minutes of experience. She did the worst job, but Brinley was happy. It is supposed to be a butterfly...hmmm!
She painted her dad a great picture, which she has taped to our bedroom wall. I love kid art!The Masterpiece.
She caught a fish! This was the most exciting part of her day. She couldn't stop talking about it. Brinley and I do not like to eat fish, so she gave it to her dad, who will probably not eat it either. The horseback ride was another favorite. She has been bugging me all summer about letting her ride a horse and it was FREE! Hopefully she has the horse thing out of her system. Now it's all about the holidays. She is extremely excited about Halloween, especially decorating. Go figure, she is MY daughter!

Friday, September 21, 2007

I know, why am I posting a picture of my breakfast on here? Because it's good. I love hot cereal for breakfast.
I may be posting random things on here, so just beware.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What do they say about me in that file?

Today was another Doctors visit for me. We met with a nurse practitioner, Renata Gruber, who we had only seen once before when I was only 6 or 7 weks along. She was in tears talking to us, because she had just read my file. (For some reason, my file is extremely thick, when I check in at the desk, I always notice how other peoples files aren't even close to as big as mine. I think they have a special "Large File" room somewhere because my file is massive,what exactly have they written about me?) Anyway...she was so sweet and had me in tears (I hate that). But I have to mention that I work with some of the best doctors. So, if any of you living in Spokane need an awesome OBGYN, Doctor Shawn Barrong is excellent! We have met with so many specialists...Neonatologists (Dr. Bodenstein), Genetics Counselors (Dr. Martin), Perinatologists (Dr. Atkinson), OBGYN (Dr. Barrong), and the Forget Me Not Program (Heather, Sarah and Sara). I have to thank them all for being so nice and understanding and just so kind! I am amazed at how well they have been in touch with each other so that I don't have to tell my "story" everytime I see someone new.

My appointment went well, although I have gained enough weight that I will be on a diet for at least a year after the baby is born. The heartbeat is 140, and it seems that the baby is still breach. I also had to do the glucose test. (yum...that delicious bottle of extra sweet sunkist soda flavored drink that just hits the spot when you are feeling really crappy to begin with.) I hate that test. And can't they at least give you something to do for an hour while you wait? I guess that it was okay having a normal appointment for once out of the last...oh...six.

I have to also mention how much I have loved having this rainy weather. It has been hot here and I am glad to see 60 degrees. It just reminds me of how close Fall is. If you don't live in Spokane, you are missing out on some beautiful scenery. I will have to post pictures when the leave start to fall in Manito Park in about a month. It is also the time of year for hot cocoa, (Brinley and I are hot cocoa fanatics) , going to Greenbluff to get our pumpkins and apples, playing in the leaves at Manito Park, bundling up in sweaters, decorating for Halloween (Brinley is obsessed with Halloween)...I love this time of year.

Friday, September 14, 2007

29 weeks

I haven't blogged anything about my pregnancy. so I will start at the beginning, fo those of you that don't know about what's going on...
when we found out we were pregnant, we were excited but, but at the same time, a little scared. This is my 7th pregnancy! We have a 4 year old, Brinley, and lost 5 by miscarraige by the 13th week. Getting past the first trimester is a big relief for me. I have to be on Prometrium, a synthetic progestrone, and 81mg. asprin (but that is wether i am preggo or not). So when we got past that stage with this baby, we were beyond happy.
The pregnancy was going well, until the 19th week (friday the 13th, to be exact) when we had an ultrasound. They found some things that were a concern, so they scheduled another ultrasound a few days later with a specialist. We found out the baby had polycystic kidneys and that there was little to none amniotic fluid. It came as quite the shock to us, not know what that meant for the baby. They then told us that because of the kidney problem, the baby can't produce urine. amniotic fluid is 95% urine. The baby usually breathes in the amniotic fluid to mature the lungs. So not only did the kidneys not function, but the lungs aren't developing, giving the baby very little chance for survival outside the womb. There are other problems because of the kidneys, the heart has an enlarged ventracle, and a thickening of the wall, also the cord has 2 vessels not 3. That is the short version...
So here i am at 29 weeks, with a baby in breach position (after 4 ultrasounds, we wtill don't know what we are having, and now won't be able to find out). Iwill more likely go to full term, but it seems so weird to think that in 11 weeks, i will have to prepare a funeral for my baby and not bring it home from the hospital, along with dealing with the holidays.

pregnant me!
Brinley giving loves. She loves feeling the baby kick.
As I get closer to my due date, Dec. 2nd, i will post more about the different doctors we have met and will be working with, and about this awesome program called Forget Me Not (they are amazing people).

By the way, for anyone who has questions, I am happy to answer ALL questions, i have been asked just about everything.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Brinley started preschool yesterday. We had a hard time getting her to bed at a decent time Monday night because she was so excited. She figured out why it's important to go to bed earlier when I got her up for school.
I thought I would get a little bit sad, but she had been so excited about going, that I really couldn't be and since they feed her breakfast there, it is kinda nice for me not to try and force Brinley to eat something, other than hot cocoa, because she just doesn't like to eat breakfast. So here are a few pictures...

the outfit she picked out herself.
when Brinley let's me actually take pictures of her, she likes to pose, so here is her backpack with a twirl.
MOOOOMMMM! Enough pictures already!
Millwood School!Matt went to this school in 4th grade, so it brought back a lot of memories for him. They really haven't changed anything!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nancy Hat

There is a story behind this hat...Brinley loves to be out in the backyard and our neighbor, Nancy, is always in her garden. Our neighbors are Vietnamese and wear hats just like this on. One day, her cousin, Cody, was over and they made hats out of paper plates, that resembled Nancy's hat. Brinley really wanted to show Nancy the hat she made. Nancy though it was so cute, and really got a kick out of it. Brinley would wear her little plate hat outside, especially when Nancy was out. A few weeks later, Nancy gave Brinley a gift, a real Vietnamese hat. She loves this hat and calls it her "Nancy hat". She has worn it to the grocery store, the mall, church activities...everywhere.

Spokane Interstate Fair

The first day of the fair is always the's also the cheapest day to go. So here are some pics from this years fair. all Brinley could do was talk about how much she wanted to go on the rides. Can you tell she was excited? The airplane ride is one of her favorites.
When you go to the fair, you have to eat fair food...Brinley hasn't got that down yet, she choose A&W cheeseburger and fries. I got to share with her. Matt got his usual, italian sausage. I had a bite of Merv's delicious King Corn Dog also.
Cody found something at the fair too. Guess what.
My babies.
Brinley loves to visit the fire trucks, we got to tour fire truck number 2 on her 2nd birthday, and since then, she makes sure to point them out. We actually live just outside the little city of Millwood.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Brinley loves to dress herself, but it has to be a dress or just her undies. So last Sunday, after we got home from church, she wanted to change her clothes. This is the outfit she picked out. Stripes go well with argyle print, right? She was so proud of herself, she posed for me. Can't wait to see what she picks out for the first day of preschool.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen

we had a few peaches left over from two huge boxes that were bought a few weeks ago. What better to do with them than make Peaches and Cream Pie. As I just finished peeling and cutting peaches, my sister, Julie, and her family show up and she says "See Merv, I told you!" (Merv is my brother-in-law). I'm thinking, what are you talking about. Then Julie says " I told Merv that we should stop by here because you were probably making cookies or something."
I guess I am that predictable. Sunday afternoon I am usually baking something.
Since my sister loves to use my camera, here are a few pictures of me baking peach pie.

Please notice that I am pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen (My husband thinks this is great). Also, take notice the dirty dishes in the sink and the floor needs to be mopped.

MMM! Baby loves peach pie!

Thanks Kim for the recipe! Delicioso!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pig Out in the Park

For those of you not from Spokane, every Labor Day weekend is the big event called Pig out in the Park. That pretty much tells you what it's all about. You go downtown to Riverfront Park where there are literally a hundred food vendors and get whatever food you want, then find a nice shady spot and eat, listen to the bands play and, best of all, people watch. After letting your food settle you go get dessert. Doesn't that sound like fun? here are a few pics from this years Pig Out. Sorry they are not in any particular order. There is never a good picture when you are pregnant (fat) and miserable. (family pic)
Brinley found a "basil"nut (i'm not sure what a basil nut is, but my daughter has her own vocabulary). She said that the basil nut comes from the basil animals and they eat the top off and it beomes a basil nut. (to have that imagination again) I asked if I could take a picture of it and she said sure, but she didn't want to be in it. Did you know that if you close your eyes when someone is trying to take a picture of you, you magically disappear? I didn't either, but my Brinley knows this. She "sa-pears" though.
I will just say, there is never a way to take a good picture of someone eating a frozen banana on a stick. they taste good though.
This is the reason we go to Pig Out...Sonnenberg's New york style sausage...Matt's favorite. It really is pretty good.
And of course, chicken on a stick...and rice. Brinley's favorite.
just being silly.
This is what Pig Out was like this year. I think the busiest year they have had. This is only one of the food rows.
You have to have a huckleberry ice cream cone to finish off the day. Brinley loves ice cream, but not as much as the cone.
Pig Out is one of those traditions you do every year, and then ask yourself, why? Why do we fight traffic and maze our way through the mob of people just to eat some greasy food? i don't know...maybe it's because that is what is you do when you live in Spokane...the County Fair starts next weekend.