Saturday, March 28, 2009

Clacie and Michael

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prentice
I was honored to be their photographer along with my dear friend, Karen. (Thank you Karen for helping me!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sarah 5 toes.

Sarah is often found missing a sock. She can get one off by rubbing her feet together, but not the other. Matt came up with a name for her, Sarah 5 toes.
oh, and she can now roll over all by herself. I tend to find her quite a ways away from where I left her, stuck and unhappy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

leapin' leprachauns.

Happ St. Patty's day to you all!
Yesterday Brinley came home with a note.
"please make a leprachaun trap tonight with your child."
Brinley was THRILLED! She thought up the idea she wanted to use.
I helped her...just a little.
When the Leprachaun comes for the "gold"(chocolate eggs), a cup, hidden to look like the tree, will fall on him. I ended up going to school with her today. Her teacher LOVED Brinley's trap. There were quite a few other traps there too. Each of the kids got to show the class how their trap worked.
While they were at music, a Leprachaun (or two) came and messed up the room, set off the traps and ate some of the chocolates that were in the traps. Along with leaving gold string and cookies.
The look on their faces were priceless. Those kids were so surprised and loved it. (Is it horrible that we trick our children like that? I think it's great and makes for wonderful memories. It's part of the magic, like Christmas, right?)
I heard one of the boys say "I can't believe a Leprachaun was here! and we missed him."
2 years ago, I was in a preschool group where each week one mom took their turn teaching. I taught the week of St. Patricks Day. After Brinley got up, I covered her bedroom in tiny footprints and hid some chocolate coins. The kids followed the footprints to the gold coins. They all wanted to keep the little footprints and made trails all over my house with them. Brinley talked about that year all last week. I couldn't find the gold coins at the store this year, but she woke up to green milk.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

what are you looking at?

This is what happens when we take out the ponies at night. Could she be any cuter? seriously!

sick day.

We woke to the sounds of puking this morning. Brinley caught the bug.
Matt had it Tuesday.
I am hoping that it will pass me and Sarah by.
I really can't afford to be sick right now, I have way to much to do.
*by 5pm, I came down with it too...sigh...

big girl

Sarah is my big girl.
She had her 4 month check up on Tuesday, shots included.
weight: 15.1 pounds (80%)
height: 26 1/4 inches (99%)
she grew 4 inches in 2 months...
slow down sweet baby, I want you to stay little, for just a while longer. She has been sporting ponytails lately.

Friday, March 6, 2009

because its cold outside today.

I have been meaning to get some photos done with the girls. so I rearranged my tiny living room, put an old drape i found at the thrift shop up (i have plans for it to be made into two curtains for the girls bedroom), and got the girls beautified. Brinley was some-what coperative with me today, Sarah, not so much.

I think I will have another photo shoot day soon.
I hope and pray that we will get some warmer, sunnier weather soon. One day it was 50 degrees and I didn't need a jacket. The next, snow flurries and an out of season thunder storm. The big girl really, really wants to play outside for more than 5 minutes and I want to start taking the babe for a walk.