Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Card Holder

My sister Julie and I are really clever, aren't we. I have been asked about how to make the card holder and where do i put it... here you go:

Yardstick: that doesn't have the name of a store written across it. Walmart has these in the sewing section for $1.72.
Paint: different colors of red and green. i also used a cream color too.
clothes pins: you can buy these at Walmart 50 for less than a $1. you will need 17-18 per yardstick.
Ribbon: We have a ton of ribbon...we scrapbook, but you can find it on sale right now just about everywhere. We used reds and greens and a few black and white. use as much as you like.
paper plate
fast drying tacky craft glue


take a paper plate and clip all if your clothes pins to it. paint them and leave them on the plate to dry. you may need to paint a couple of coats on each.
when those are dry, glue them to the yardstick so that every other one faces the opposite direction every two inches. I recommend letting it dry for just a few minutes. Then, tie ribbon to the yardstick.

You have yourself a Christmas card holder.
I put it on the wall, hanging vertically, but you could go horizontally too.


Kim and Aaron W. said...

oh my gosh Arah... that is the cutest thing! I will be making that... hhmmm.. tomorrow! Thanks for the idea!

janet said...

You are the QUEEN of crafty. Seriously, you can whip anything together. Can't wait to make them myself! My boys will love the button trees!

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