Thursday, October 25, 2007

What happened to Halloween?

Tonight we went to 2 Halloween parties...oh wait, sorry, HARVEST parties. What happened to good old Halloween carnivals? I remember some of my favorite school activities were the carnivals as a kid. You dressed in your costume, they had the cake walk, guess the jelly beans in a jar, fishing game, apple bobbing, etc. We also had a parade of costumes through the school. It was great.
So we go to Brinley's school and they have a little dinner of CORNdogs, CORN, APPLE slices, APPLE jucie...we just thought it was a very harvesty meal. Then we got to decorate pumpkins. Brinley's turned out beautifully, of course.

Oh yeah, they took a family picture. Isn't it great?

Then it was off the Hutton Elementary where Cody goes to Kindergarten. The two munchkins had a blast dancing to the music, decorating an apple as a pig, frosting a cookie and playing pumpkin bowling. Not quite the way Matt remember Hutton's carnivals as a kid. (Matt actually went to Hutton and Millwood School when he was a wee lad)
Tomorrow is yet another Halloween get together, and we are letting the kids dress in their costumes. YEAH!

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