Sunday, October 28, 2007

4 down, 1 more to go

Last night we went to yet another Halloween party with my sister, Julie, and Cody. This time it was with Julie's ward. They had a Soup/Chili dinner, a costume parade, fun little games to play and of course, Trunk-or-Treat.
Cody HATES halloween and went dressed as Cody. I am glad Brinley really likes her costume, she still has one more night to go. Good thing it is comfy and warm. After one of the games, they gave the kids these really funny gummy eyeballs. Julie and I could not stop laughing when Cody and Brinley put them over their eyes. I think that everyone thought there was something wrong with us. There is nothing better than a good laugh...

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The Barney's said...

arah, these are some of the funniest pictures i have ever seen. who cares if people were giving you looks. you deserve to have some good laughs. tell julie hi! love lori