Thursday, October 18, 2007

getting ready

Today we went on a tour of the maternity ward at Sacred Heart Women's Center. Heather, who is part of Forget Me Not and a OB Nurse there, showed us the rooms and explained to us what we would be expecting being in our situation. The rooms there are like a 5-star hotel.

This particular room is a post delivery room. The actual delivery rooms are bigger than this and they all have a jacuzzi tub. Hopefully, we will get one with a view of downtown Spokane.

We went over our birth plan also. That was tough, but something that had to be done. I think walking through the Birth Center made both Matt and I realize how little time we have to get things in order. We had been talking about inducing early and our doctor said that he would do it anytime after 36 weeks. I've decided that this baby can make it's own decision on when it wants to come. So, we are just going to wait it out. Dr. Barrong has been great and we have had a say in almost anything that has come up. There won't be monitors on the baby. If the baby goes into distress the nurses can't do anything for it, and I would rather not know if the baby didn't make it. I am also not going to be taking any kind of narcotic drug. I slept (snored) through labor with Brinley, and I wasn't too happy about it. Since I was in labor with Brinley for a total of 6 hours, I don't think this one will be much longer than that.

I have had a rough third trimester with throwing up just about everyday, any time of day. It's just been so great. The worst part is, it doesn't matter whether I have eaten something or not, but it does make it a little better when there is something there to come back up, but it makes it really hard on what I am able to eat. I have horrible indigestion and heartburn to go along with it and just about anything I eat gives it to me, including Chex cereal and drinking too much water. Oh the joys of pregnancy...

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