Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Halloween Party

This morning the Mom's group from church put together a little Halloween Party for the kids. They were all dressed up and very cute. Brinley went as a Ladybug. She told me that she is now my pet, except that she doesn't know what sound a ladybug makes, so she meows like a cat. She also said that she is a scary ladybug...what do you think? is she scary?

We made some fun crafts. Here is the spider. Most of the boys had a leg missing. I thought that sounded right. I always remember my brother, Jared, torturing bugs and things.We also made the candycorn/popcorn hands. They didn't last long, the kids ate most of the popcorn.This was a snack that one of the moms brought. It was really cute. Brinley liked it along with her cheese crackers and apple slices, but it seems she decided to swallow all of her food at once, then she choked on it and I had to flip her upside down and smack her back till it came out. It was a little scary, but she decided we needed a little more excitement added to the party. What is more fun than watching your child choke on food? AHHH!
I think we will have had our fill of Halloween this year. We still have two more parties to go, luckily, not on the same day.
I have kinda gone nuts this year with letting Brinley go to just about every party and event. I guess because I want her to remember having spent lots of time with me before the baby, she's been spoiled. How can you not spoil her? She will have good memories, and that's all that matters to me.

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