Wednesday, October 10, 2007

exploring manito park

We finally had a beautiful 75 degree day in Spokane. Lately it's just been a little too cold to let the kids play outside. My sister, Julie, and I took Cody and Brinley to one of our favorite parks, Manito. I realized that Julie and I matched our children clothes this day, and didn't know it. playing with bubbles.
look, we found a ladybug.
i LOVE dirt!
ducks love kettle corn...who knew.
yet, another nut to love.
mom, what does this sign say?
could my face look any more round? boy, i look like crap, it doesn't help that i didn't put any makeup on or that my cute sister is in the picture with me.
i love cody's face in this picture...the kids had just found some wild blueberries and squished them then wiped them all over their clothes.


Raquel Ruggles said...

Sisters are the best. I wish you girls lived closer, I know we would have so much fun hanging out with you and your cute families. Having your parents here made us miss you all so much more. They are the greatest.

Rocia said...

man, great parks are the best, especially with sisters! i can't think of anything better; good sister conversation, built in babysitting and beautiful views.......heavenly!