Thursday, September 20, 2007

What do they say about me in that file?

Today was another Doctors visit for me. We met with a nurse practitioner, Renata Gruber, who we had only seen once before when I was only 6 or 7 weks along. She was in tears talking to us, because she had just read my file. (For some reason, my file is extremely thick, when I check in at the desk, I always notice how other peoples files aren't even close to as big as mine. I think they have a special "Large File" room somewhere because my file is massive,what exactly have they written about me?) Anyway...she was so sweet and had me in tears (I hate that). But I have to mention that I work with some of the best doctors. So, if any of you living in Spokane need an awesome OBGYN, Doctor Shawn Barrong is excellent! We have met with so many specialists...Neonatologists (Dr. Bodenstein), Genetics Counselors (Dr. Martin), Perinatologists (Dr. Atkinson), OBGYN (Dr. Barrong), and the Forget Me Not Program (Heather, Sarah and Sara). I have to thank them all for being so nice and understanding and just so kind! I am amazed at how well they have been in touch with each other so that I don't have to tell my "story" everytime I see someone new.

My appointment went well, although I have gained enough weight that I will be on a diet for at least a year after the baby is born. The heartbeat is 140, and it seems that the baby is still breach. I also had to do the glucose test. (yum...that delicious bottle of extra sweet sunkist soda flavored drink that just hits the spot when you are feeling really crappy to begin with.) I hate that test. And can't they at least give you something to do for an hour while you wait? I guess that it was okay having a normal appointment for once out of the last...oh...six.

I have to also mention how much I have loved having this rainy weather. It has been hot here and I am glad to see 60 degrees. It just reminds me of how close Fall is. If you don't live in Spokane, you are missing out on some beautiful scenery. I will have to post pictures when the leave start to fall in Manito Park in about a month. It is also the time of year for hot cocoa, (Brinley and I are hot cocoa fanatics) , going to Greenbluff to get our pumpkins and apples, playing in the leaves at Manito Park, bundling up in sweaters, decorating for Halloween (Brinley is obsessed with Halloween)...I love this time of year.

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