Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pig Out in the Park

For those of you not from Spokane, every Labor Day weekend is the big event called Pig out in the Park. That pretty much tells you what it's all about. You go downtown to Riverfront Park where there are literally a hundred food vendors and get whatever food you want, then find a nice shady spot and eat, listen to the bands play and, best of all, people watch. After letting your food settle you go get dessert. Doesn't that sound like fun? here are a few pics from this years Pig Out. Sorry they are not in any particular order. There is never a good picture when you are pregnant (fat) and miserable. (family pic)
Brinley found a "basil"nut (i'm not sure what a basil nut is, but my daughter has her own vocabulary). She said that the basil nut comes from the basil animals and they eat the top off and it beomes a basil nut. (to have that imagination again) I asked if I could take a picture of it and she said sure, but she didn't want to be in it. Did you know that if you close your eyes when someone is trying to take a picture of you, you magically disappear? I didn't either, but my Brinley knows this. She "sa-pears" though.
I will just say, there is never a way to take a good picture of someone eating a frozen banana on a stick. they taste good though.
This is the reason we go to Pig Out...Sonnenberg's New york style sausage...Matt's favorite. It really is pretty good.
And of course, chicken on a stick...and rice. Brinley's favorite.
just being silly.
This is what Pig Out was like this year. I think the busiest year they have had. This is only one of the food rows.
You have to have a huckleberry ice cream cone to finish off the day. Brinley loves ice cream, but not as much as the cone.
Pig Out is one of those traditions you do every year, and then ask yourself, why? Why do we fight traffic and maze our way through the mob of people just to eat some greasy food? i don't know...maybe it's because that is what is you do when you live in Spokane...the County Fair starts next weekend.

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