Sunday, September 23, 2007


Valleyfest was this weekend and I had promised Brinley that I would take her. I have a horrible cold, but do i listen to a child whine all day, or just go and be miserable the next day? I decided to be miserable, and I am. I didn't sleep last night very well, i woke up at 2:30 and finally fell back to sleep at 6:30. I missed church, which I probably would have missed anyway. So back to Valleyfest...Matt and I took her to the parade on Friday. It's like getting candy at Halloween, except that you don't have to dress up and they give you handfulls of candy. Then we went to the drag races where we met my parents and Julie, Merv and Cody. I recommend not taking children, unless you would like them to learn a few new words.
Saturday was the "fest". Brinley had a blast! The best part, EVERYTHING is free! YEAH!

Brinley got a Lotus flower. She has taken it apart and put it together about 10 times already.
She got her face painted by a 10 year old, i recommend that if you go into the face painting business you have more than 5 minutes of experience. She did the worst job, but Brinley was happy. It is supposed to be a butterfly...hmmm!
She painted her dad a great picture, which she has taped to our bedroom wall. I love kid art!The Masterpiece.
She caught a fish! This was the most exciting part of her day. She couldn't stop talking about it. Brinley and I do not like to eat fish, so she gave it to her dad, who will probably not eat it either. The horseback ride was another favorite. She has been bugging me all summer about letting her ride a horse and it was FREE! Hopefully she has the horse thing out of her system. Now it's all about the holidays. She is extremely excited about Halloween, especially decorating. Go figure, she is MY daughter!

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