Friday, September 14, 2007

29 weeks

I haven't blogged anything about my pregnancy. so I will start at the beginning, fo those of you that don't know about what's going on...
when we found out we were pregnant, we were excited but, but at the same time, a little scared. This is my 7th pregnancy! We have a 4 year old, Brinley, and lost 5 by miscarraige by the 13th week. Getting past the first trimester is a big relief for me. I have to be on Prometrium, a synthetic progestrone, and 81mg. asprin (but that is wether i am preggo or not). So when we got past that stage with this baby, we were beyond happy.
The pregnancy was going well, until the 19th week (friday the 13th, to be exact) when we had an ultrasound. They found some things that were a concern, so they scheduled another ultrasound a few days later with a specialist. We found out the baby had polycystic kidneys and that there was little to none amniotic fluid. It came as quite the shock to us, not know what that meant for the baby. They then told us that because of the kidney problem, the baby can't produce urine. amniotic fluid is 95% urine. The baby usually breathes in the amniotic fluid to mature the lungs. So not only did the kidneys not function, but the lungs aren't developing, giving the baby very little chance for survival outside the womb. There are other problems because of the kidneys, the heart has an enlarged ventracle, and a thickening of the wall, also the cord has 2 vessels not 3. That is the short version...
So here i am at 29 weeks, with a baby in breach position (after 4 ultrasounds, we wtill don't know what we are having, and now won't be able to find out). Iwill more likely go to full term, but it seems so weird to think that in 11 weeks, i will have to prepare a funeral for my baby and not bring it home from the hospital, along with dealing with the holidays.

pregnant me!
Brinley giving loves. She loves feeling the baby kick.
As I get closer to my due date, Dec. 2nd, i will post more about the different doctors we have met and will be working with, and about this awesome program called Forget Me Not (they are amazing people).

By the way, for anyone who has questions, I am happy to answer ALL questions, i have been asked just about everything.

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Josh n Betsie said...

you are still a stinking cute pregnant lady with super cute clothes. You are an amazing woman arah...we love you