Sunday, September 9, 2007

Spokane Interstate Fair

The first day of the fair is always the's also the cheapest day to go. So here are some pics from this years fair. all Brinley could do was talk about how much she wanted to go on the rides. Can you tell she was excited? The airplane ride is one of her favorites.
When you go to the fair, you have to eat fair food...Brinley hasn't got that down yet, she choose A&W cheeseburger and fries. I got to share with her. Matt got his usual, italian sausage. I had a bite of Merv's delicious King Corn Dog also.
Cody found something at the fair too. Guess what.
My babies.
Brinley loves to visit the fire trucks, we got to tour fire truck number 2 on her 2nd birthday, and since then, she makes sure to point them out. We actually live just outside the little city of Millwood.

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