Sunday, September 2, 2007

pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen

we had a few peaches left over from two huge boxes that were bought a few weeks ago. What better to do with them than make Peaches and Cream Pie. As I just finished peeling and cutting peaches, my sister, Julie, and her family show up and she says "See Merv, I told you!" (Merv is my brother-in-law). I'm thinking, what are you talking about. Then Julie says " I told Merv that we should stop by here because you were probably making cookies or something."
I guess I am that predictable. Sunday afternoon I am usually baking something.
Since my sister loves to use my camera, here are a few pictures of me baking peach pie.

Please notice that I am pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen (My husband thinks this is great). Also, take notice the dirty dishes in the sink and the floor needs to be mopped.

MMM! Baby loves peach pie!

Thanks Kim for the recipe! Delicioso!

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Josh n Betsie said...

those pies look YUMMMYYYYY!!!! Hey can you send me that apple crisp in jars ya