Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eggs and Baskets

We celebrate the Easter Bunny on Saturday. I always did growing up and didn't realize, until I was older, that Easter is on Sunday. My most memorable Easter was about 5 years ago...Brinley was born. She is my most favorite Easter gift!
Here is what it looked liked saturday morning... The Easter Bunny had left a train of M&M's leading to Brinley's basket in the front room.
It was almost as exciting as Christmas day. Her favorite thing in her basket was...She is obsessed with Littlest Pet Shop. The first thing we heard when she got to her basket and lifted these out... "These are what I wanted! Woohoo. See Mom, I told you the Easter Bunny would bring them."
The Bunny puts gifts and activities in the baskets and not so much candy. We get enough from the Easter Egg Hunt, she did get a chocolate bunny and a PEZ dispenser though.

Chocolate for breakfast...then I made eggs and pancakes.
Cody and Julie came over for the Easter Egg Hunt. These kids were so egg-cited, get it? I know, I'm a dork!

We had hid so many eggs, cody and Brinley kept dropping them out of their baskets. I don't know what we were thinking, there are only two of them!

We had to even things up, so we dumped out the eggs and made sure that each of them got an even amount of junk food...for their parents to eat, I mean, for the kids to munch on over the next few months.

Brinley found the big egg. There was nothing extra in it, but I think it was the highlight of the hunt. Cody and Brinley both wanted the egg more than anything, I think it may end up at Cody's house anyway.

Oh, and the best part...we woke up to sun, and there wasn't a snowflake in sight.


CrazyMomof7 said...

It looks like they had so much fun! Happy Easter

Becky said...

I like how you celebrate the Easter Bunny stuff on Saturday instead of Sunday. We have tried to focus more on the religious side of Easter, so the whole Easter Bunny gets kind of downplayed. Oh- Cynthia also LOVES Littles Pet shop (I like them too).

DeAnne said...

I love your pictures! You must have a really cool camera, huh? I can just feel the energy you guys have...makes me tired just reading about it. Hope to see you soon!

Julie Carr said...

Well I think the Easter Bunny was left in Spokane. We didn't do anything and that was ok. We told the boys about those hoilday people on the trip up here. So holidays are alittle diff now. I hate growing up. Love the pics it looks like you had a great time.

janet said...

Could Brinley be any cuter? Love the Saturday celebration idea.. and I am SO happy to see the lack of snow on your egg hunt! Hooray for Spring!