Monday, March 17, 2008

School Carnival

Friday night, Brinley and I, with my mom, went to Cody's school carnival. Julie was working one of the games, so we brought Cody along with us. (You can see Julie in the background)I remember school carnivals when I was growing up, and they aren't quite what they used to be. the kids had fun and that is all that really matters. Where else could you spend $10 on tickets and could play as many games as you wanted and eat carny food?
The kids wanted to win a cake from the cake walk so bad, poor Cody was in tears. We must have tried 4 times, but no cake for us.
You have to get your face painted. There was a paper with all the designs the kids could choose from, at first Brinley was pretty sure she wanted a Yin Yang sign, but ended up with a butterfly. Cody wsa going for the train, i think and he ended up with a unlike Cody. The lady made it as boyish as she could, no pink of purple.
These kids were so would up and cranky at the end of the night, and Julie took both of them home with her. Thanks Julie, I owe you one!

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