Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Olivia Pig

For my birthday, my mom found this cast iron pig with wings for me. I love it. It sets in the hallway between my kitchen and living room. Just about everyday, Brinley either makes her something, like a hat out of paper, or brings stuff to sit by her. I was walking by the other day and saw this... these are Brinley's piggy banks. I thought it was adorable. Today, she brought her a washcloth and laid it on her...it was a little chilly this morning, she must have thought that Olivia Pig needed to be warm too. What a thoughtful child I have!
But then I go to take a picture of her, and this is usually what I get.

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kim said...

I love pigs. Have loved them since I was a girl. I used to collect them. One day if I am really lucky I can have a real pig.