Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My SIL, Becca, is in town with the girls. Since they aren't staying through the weekend, we decided to decorate eggs early. Julie boiled 6 dozen eggs, not that we will actually eat them, but so that the kids had plenty of eggs to dye. It was quite a mess, but we had fun!I had quite a house full of guests, my sisters, Julie and Kami, Becca, Isabel, Makaela, Cody, my mom and Becca's mom.

i really am not concerned that I have dye all over my table. It just adds to the paint, glitter and glue that is already there.
Eggs weren't enough, we frosted cookies too. We don't get to see Becca and the girls that often, so we packed in as much as we could in the time we had with them. Julie took the kids to spend the night at her house, but left me with all the cookies. Thanks!


kim said...

Ahhh, eggs. Yet another thing to squeeze into the schedule. We are waiting for Daddy to be home and so we will be doing eggs Saturday night. Nothing says Easter quite like dyed fingers to go with the cute dresses for church.

Glad you had fun. It always seems like more fun with more.

julie said...

thanks for letting us get cozy in your little kitchen. perfect for dying eggs. :)

birdeeb said...

Your SIL looks so familiar to she was one of my brother's friends in HS or something? Or mine? LOL Maybe not haha. I wish I did cool stuff like this! I think when the kids get older I will do it. I get so freaked out if something were to spill or something. I need to get over that LOL. I don't totally freak out when it happens, but yeah I just worry...kinda an anxiety thing for me while doing stuff like this with the kids.. I am silly!

arah said...

you know Becca, she was in your ward growing up, she is an Eggleston.

Debbie said...

A cookie diet! My favorite. Your table reminds me of mine from years ago. When my kids were little I used to let them make salt dough creations on the dining room table. Other women would come over and be mortified. But, you know, I don't have that table any more, but I still have the kids.

dippyrooroo said...

I said this on Julie's blog too, but say hi to Becca for me! While we were in the Franklin Park ward together we got to be close, and I really miss the girl!

I'm glad you had such a fun Easter! You got some great pictures to scrap!