Monday, March 10, 2008

i have a calling

Yesterday I got a new calling (for you nonMormon friends, that means that i have a non-paying job with the church, all "jobs" in the church are non-paying). I haven't had a calling since last July, right after we found out all the problems with Olivia.
I am now the 15th Ward Newsletter Editor. I am really excited about doing this even though it is a really involved calling. I get to interview all the new families that move in to our ward, take pictures at all the activities, add my own two-sense worth of whatever and Bishop Creagh said that he would like to see it "one step short of a gossip column". How could a girl not like a calling that is basically giving permission to know all the things happening in the ward? And for those of you that have moved away, you still get to be in the newsletter (I am so happy for blogs). I even came up with a really clever title for it, but you'll just have to wait for the first copy to come out in April...

on a completely different all the Erickson family, Darla FINALLY has her blog up and running.


Darla said...

Thanks Arah! Your blog is awesome. I know nothing yet and am slowly learning how to add all the cute stuff.

Kami said...

Newsletter editor. That calling was MADE for you!