Thursday, March 6, 2008

Parent Teacher confrence ...playdate ...roller skating...

Yesterday was a busy day at our house...
It started out with a Parent Teacher Confrence with Brinley's teacher. Of course, my daughter is awesome! Actually, she is doing really well and is a great kid overall. I wish I could say the same at home. We are both so stubborn and butt heads A LOT! I am so glad to hear that she is doing great. She loves to learn and we can't seem to keep up with her.
Many of you know our decision to start homeschooling Brinley next year. After talking to her teacher and with Matt, we decided that for kindergarten we will put her in public school (I guess the kindergarten teacher is really good), see how it goes and maybe do homeschooling with it. I am going to talk with the school and see how involved I can be. They have a homeschooling program through the school also, so I may go that option too. I guess we will see when school starts up in September.

Just the other day while using the potty (she takes her time), we had this conversation:

B: Mom, let's talk about trees!
M: Okay (with a confused look on my face)...what do you want to know about trees?
B: About the green stuff.
M: Well, what is your favorite tree?
B: Lilac trees because they have pretty flowers on them. Lilac is my favorite color.
M: Did you know that we have two lilac trees in our yard?
B: Oh yes, they are beautiful.

This was in a public restroom, by the way. I am just glad that the conversation was about trees and not about something embarrassing. The kid wants to know about everything. Sshe is like a little sponge and it is amazing what she can remember.

Then we had a playdate and it was so fun! It was actually nice enough for the kids to play in the yard. I cannot wait for Spring! I timed it bad though, forgetting that our school district got out yesterday for the rest of the week. (Sorry about that friends...I will try to remember things like that next time.)

Last night was Stake family skate night. It was fun, but my legs sure hurt this morning. Julie and Cody came with us. I think Brinley made it around one time, Cody about 1/4 of the rink. They would rather run around and play.
Matt and I played a little air has been an ongoing battle since we were dating. I RULE the air hockey table! He thinks he can beat me, but no, I am just too good.


Unknown said...

Oh, I'm jealous, I have always loved roller skating and I still do. I seriously used to skate around the garage when I was a kid to a junior jam tape and pretend I was Nancy Kerrigan.

Marnie said...

Hooray for home schooling! This is what I hope to be doing too. I am a bit freaked out, because it will be yet another cringing hippiesh life style the in-laws will have to gulp down. I mean come on, my father-in-law a schoolteacher and I want to home school? My mother-in-law a pharmacist and I use herbs and pop out my babies at home? Can't Chloe stay three forever so I don't have to break the news to them? Anyway, I am supper excited you guys are doing this

JaNae said...

Arah -
We stressed a lot with what to do with Jared when he started school two years ago. There are many decisions these days. We finally decided on something that has been fantastic! I just wanted to share because I know how you feel. You just want to do the right thing. We have him in the SPICE program at Seth Woodard Elem. I LOVE it. It stands for Student Parent Interactive Classroom Experience. Parents are required to volunteer at least 40 hours throught the school year. They encourage you to be in the class room as much as you can. There is a very small tuition, so they have extra funds for more field trips and hands-on activites. The kids in the program are really great because they have parents who really want to be an active part of their education. I volunteer at Jared's school once a week and I Love it. I know that the kindergarten and first grade teachers are AMAZING and I've heard that all the SPICE teachers are great. Anyway, sorry this is so long. I just wanted to share. If you want to know more, please call me!

Emily Lyman said...

Why would you send Brinley to "school" when she should be at home playing? Our society has things backwards. They send 5 year olds to school and force them to work, work, work, and then they think our teenagers need to play? What is wrong with that picture? You are the expert on your home, and you were given your child, your position and your authority from Heavenly Father. Do you really think a teacher can do better than that?
Anyway, forgive me for my rant.
Love ya
P.S. Joseph wirthlin said it best when he said "The greatest university in the world is the home. One good mother is worth one hundred school masters."