Friday, May 8, 2009

6 months.

My sweet little baby is 6 months old today.Where did the time go?
Her favorite things include:
eating. she loves sweet potatoes and carrots, but prefers mom over anything. She likes mum-mum crackers and puffs too.
playing. she loves her johnny jump up. LOVES it! She also likes to roll around on the floor, but tends to get stuck next to the couch. She also loves to stare at herself in the mirror.
talking. She is quite the vocal child and says "dadadada" all the time. Matt doesn't mind. She enjoys sticking her tongue out and blowing razzies.
mornings. I really do wish she would sleep past 6am, but she loves her mornings. She jabbers and plays while I try to take a little nap on the couch.
outside. she loves being outside. I don't blame her, she hasn't seen much of it in her short life. What do you expect when your born in the winter. she hangs out in the Kelty back pack while I garden or rake or push Brinley on the swing.
She is still quite happy most of the time. Loves her sister. No one can get her laughing like Brinley.
But today, on her 1/2 birthday, she is sick with a cold and woke up with a cough.


Rachel Berry said...

Oh my word she is SO STINKING CUTE!! Love the pictures, I hope she feels better soon.


Renee' P said...

She is so cute! I can't believe she's 6 mo either!

Mary Child said...

Arah, she is absolutely perfect! What a beautiful, little girl... Happy half birthday little Sarah Mae!

Anonymous said...

She is so dang cute Arah! I love how you edit your pics. How do you give them the vintage touch? Also how do you make the edges in black. It's so awesome!!! Love Selina