Friday, May 15, 2009

happy day.

My last post felt a little depressing. I thought I should post about happy things this time around.
We bought some couches from some friends. Last night, our friends brought us new-to-us couches. Ours were really, really sad. We moved them downstairs where the kids can take them apart, build forts out of them, jump off of them, you know, the things that kids want to do with furniture that parents never let them.
So here they are:
my lighting was bad, they really do match.
We love them already. They are coushier and more comfortable than our last ones. Thank you Farman family. Especially to Chris, who had to help Matt move our old couch downstairs and the new ones in the front froom. Not an easy job. (We had to take the old couch outside and around to the back door then remove the front door and entry light fixture to get the new couches in) These couches won't be going anywhere for a long time.
Spring is finally here...I hope. We have had a few cold nights, but I think my plants will start to survive the now, warmer weather. My beans and peas have come up already. The plants that are in the house are outgrowing their little pots. I am going to plant them outside today. The flowers in the cup were from Brinley, she picked all the tulips in our yard. At least we get to enjoy them for a few days. I guess it's time to throw these ones out. (sorry, my sink is disgusting, I need to do some dishes.)
Today I am taking Sarah swimming for the first time. She loves baths, so this should be fun. Brinley is a little fish and is so excited that I am actually going to be in the water with her. At least at the Y, it's all a bunch of moms with babies and toddlers. One problem, the only swim suit I have right now is a maternity one. Nice. I am not about to go out and buy a new one while I am still losing weight, so I am just going to wear a cover up. And no, I won't be taking a picture of myself...and neither will you, Julie.
This weekend is packed with lots of fun stuff.
*Brinely has a spend-the-night with her cousin, Cody.
*shooting a wedding with my friend, Karen, Saturday afternoon.
* getting together with some family and friends.
* My Mother in-law is celebrating her 75th birthday on Monday. I am sure we will be stopping by with birthday wishes sometime before then.
*editing photos, oh wait, I do that ALL THE TIME, maybe I'll be taking a break from that this weekend.
*working in the yard and gardening. YAY!
* Oh, and its supposed to get up to 80 degrees on Sunday WOOHOO!, we will definitely be spending some time outside.

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!


Rachel Berry said...

Loving the new furniture!!! And I love the picture of Sarah!! She's so cute.


DeAnne said...

Hey Arah,

You are MORE than welcome to crash at our place for as many hours as you need. We love company. It would be great to see you and to finally get to meet Sarah. I could even watch her if you needed, while you go take pictures. I'm sorry to hear you are coming for such a hard occasion though. Just give me a call. You got my # right? If not, let me know and I'll email it to you :)