Sunday, May 3, 2009

my girls.

The other day Brinley wanted to play outside with some friends we had over. It was getting a little chilly and I asked Brinley to go put something warmer on. She came out looking like this:The girl loves skirts, so why not accessorize...with snow boots, gloves and a fleece hat. She has a funny sense of humor.
Brinley adores her little sister. Once in a while, she dresses her up in sunglasses and a hat or something. Sarah doesn't mind all that much. She loves Brinley to pieces and gets so excited to see her when she comes home from school.
Sarah loves her Johnny jump-up. She falls asleep in it every so often.

I love these little moments.


Renee' P said...

How cute! Lil loves our Johnny Jump Up too. I think it's so funny when babies fall asleep in their exersaucers or jump-ups.

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Darla said...

SOOOOOOO sad we're gonna miss you guys!! What's up?!! I tried, like 3 times, and never made it up!! Oh, dang it. And I wanted SO bad to eat that little Sarah up. ):

: ) Paula said...

Brinley reminds me of my niece--she puts together some wild outfits! TOo funny--and your sweet baby is getting soooo big! Love the lil striped leggings.

Darla said...

I need a cute, easy, QUICK mother's day gift idea for Aunt Renee. Any home made ideas??!!

Anonymous said...

Oh they are stylin'...I love the outfit and Sarah's glasses are sweet:) Where can I get a pair?

Sonnet and Cameron said...

I LOVE Brinley's fashion sense! And Sarah looks too stinkin cute. Thanks for making me smile. :)

Kera said...

what adorable girls you have. little cuties.