Sunday, May 24, 2009

been there, done that.

We did it.
We drove FOREVER, actually, about 2 1/2 hours to see this: Was it worth it? Not so much.
Yeah, they are pretty. But when it's 90 degrees, there are two babies under 7 months, you forget the sunscreen, the hiking is not for mothers with small children and did I mention it was HOT, it's not a good combination.
oh, and I got my hair cut and colored. I LOVE it. It's one of the easiest hairstyles I've had. Nobody noticed it was colored so much, but they all thought I had gotten a tan, that made me happy because then I know it looks natural. Cutie-patootie Heather and me and Sarah. I love this backpack. I used it with Brinley, Cody had it before that, Makaela before that. It's awesome!
We found every shade spot possible. Practically running to stay covered from the sun. I asked Brinley if I could get a picture of her with the falls behind her.
She posed.
So I asked again and again and again.
What a goofball.


Lisa Farman said...

Beautiful, where was this at?

Darla said...

I'm sad it wasn't all you thought it would be, because darn it, it looked magical!! Really, it did. You all look cute, though. Does that count? (; Your hair looks good. I'm pretty natural right now and I LOVE it. It's hard to not wanna be super blonde, but I can't afford to mantain that, ya know?

Cindy said...

What a funny post. We always have good intentions of doing fun things but we always get to the destination and think wow it would have been easier to just stay home right. Looks like you guys made the best of it though. My mom went with a group of ladies she hangs out with and they said it was wonderful as well, but they didn't have kids in tow either. I visited Olivia yesterday and left her a couple roses while I was up visiting my dad yesterday. Her headstone is so sweet. I had only seen pictures of it before.

Stephani said...

Glad you left your review of the falls, because we considered taking a trip over there this summer too. If the hike isn't too kid friendly, I think we'll scratch that idea.
By the way, thanks so much for the suggestion to try out picnik, I love it! I think I could spend whole days with that site and my photos.

Jordan said...

Cool falls. Is Heather living with you guys up there?

Marnie said...

Yikes! I have had hikes like that. At least you got pictures that made it look fun.
Cute hair.

The Wright Stuff said...

Where is this??? It looks awesome! I love how cooperative Brinley is! KIDS! LOL

The Wright Stuff said...

Your hair looks super cute, by the way! ;)

Brandon and Lindsay said...

We've thought about going to Palouse Falls several times...glad to know that it might not be worth it in our present situation (since jake weighs close to 40 lbs, I can't carry him in the backpack very far!)
Maybe in a few years!
Looks like it was fun anyway, though!