Sunday, May 3, 2009


A few weeks ago we went to visit my brother and his family on the west side of the state. His oldest two girls were up visiting during spring break.
When you get with cousins, why not all play in next to each other while you all are on your own DS. Sarah just made faces, lots of them.
We went to Pike Place Market and down on the pier.
Ate at the Crab Pot. I had a hamburger, if you were wondering. (I don't like fish. YUCK!)
(Aren't these girls gorgeous!)Brinley had Calamari and chips. She LOVES calamari.
We checked out the boats on the water and watched the birds poop on everything.
Bought some real nice jewelry at Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe.
Laughed with Jasmine when she got scared by the monk fish.
Sat on the ginormous brass pig.
Tried to cram as many people into an elevator as possible along with a stroller.
Found this really cool bench made out of books and had to take a picture sitting on it.
Ate some amazing food at a restaraunt that my Sister-in-law works at.
See, it was delicious.
And really did hang out and play with the cousins.

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Unknown said...

Pikes place is my favorite place in seattle. So jealous you got to go. Love all the pictures especially the one in the elevator so fun!