Sunday, April 26, 2009

questions answered

For those of you that have asked about how I made Brinley's birthday cake, here is the link, (hillarious post to read, by the way). You can thank my niece, Betsie, for letting me know about it.
the flowers in my header can be seen at Manito Parks Conservatory. I think they were the only thing in bloom when I took them. I've noticed a lot of the trees have finally blossomed. Can't wait for the lilacs.
The "Death Cab For Cutie" concert was AWESOME! Matt and I were the oldest people sitting in our section. We brought binoculars and I could just see the faces of all the kids sitting around us, the "why would anybody bring binoculars to this concert" face. Little did they all know that the guy playing bass was wearing orange stripped socks and used a pick, the guitarist was wearing Nikes and the singer was actually there!...I think deep down, they wanted to take a peek too. Also, some lame-o girl in front of us lit up a cigarette. Being the "old fart" of the section, I ratted her out. Totally worth it.


Unknown said...

your not an old fart! I would have totally ratted that girl out too or I would have totally yelled at her and then told on her! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

Forever Young said...

Thanks for the link about the cake... always fun to get new ideas.