Friday, April 10, 2009


Olivia's headstone was placed this past Tuesday.
This afternoon, I got the call from Genisis Granite. I called Matt right away, with tears in my eyes, to tell him. We had to wait until he got done with work so we could go see it together. It's perfect. small. just like our little Olivia.
Her footprints are my favorite part. The detail of her sweet little toes is just too much. All of my sweet girls together.
Sarah kept staring at the chimes.
Brinley placed the rocks around her grave, just so. We took a few home tonight. We will be bringing them back, painted, on Sunday.
Happy Easter Olivia!


Anonymous said...

Very sweet Arah:) I love the toes, too! It's a beautiful headstone.

Thanks for your sweet comment. I am doing much better. I think the hard part has been when people don't know what to say and they aren't tactful. I also get a little down when I see baby clothes and babies, but I know in time things will get better.

It's nice to have good friends to lean on. Thanks for thinking of me:)

Karen said...

How sweet...I remember how excited and Emotional I was when we got the call that sierra's stone had been placed...I think it made things more real that that was her special place for us to visit her here on eatrh...ill try to make it out to Olivia's place this week...
Happy Easter Saturday!!!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful Arah. What a sweet picture of your girls.

Shannon said...

It's just perfect. I know that you must have mixed emotions...glad that it's here, yet hard to see her sweet little name. Thinking of you...Shannon

CrazyMomof7 said...

It's beautiful Arah.

The Jeppson Family said...

Arah---Sooo beautiful!! How wonderful to have your girls visit often. We lost my father when I was 12 & my bro was only 3 & my Mom did the same. I feel so close to him to this day & I know that it's because my Mom talked about him constantly--reminding us of "his favorites", his looks & many visits to his grave. I LOVE her footprints too--how sweet!

Cindy said...

Soo beautiful. The headstone is perfect. I love the toes as well. Love the picture of all the sisters together. Soo sweet.

Lisa Farman said...

The headstone is beautiful. I think it is perfect.

Becky said...

What an amazingly beautiful headstone! I LOVe the little feet.

Unknown said...

I have been blog stalking your blog for a while now!
I love the headstone that you picked out for your sweet little girl. The cemetary that you chose has a sweet place in my heart. A lot of members from my home ward are burried there.
I just had to ask you what kind of camera that you have? I love all of your pictures.
oh BTW I am Jon and Becky Wilsons little sister and Emily Lymans old babysitter.
I love your blog! Thanks for keeping it up!!!!!