Monday, April 20, 2009

6 today.

I know I should have posted this earlier. Had taken the time to write some sweet little ditty about my oldest, but I haven't. I haven't had the time to stop and do it. The last few weeks have been go, go , go... but I promise, I will catch up this week with the goings and comings of my life. Now on to something much more important...
hAppY bIrtHdAy BRINLEY! This is a girl with an attitude one minute.And a sweetheart, cuddlebug the next...not sure where that came from...(cough, cough).She has a silly sense of humor.

And doesn't care if her outfit doesn't match, or her hair is not done.

She is full of life and brings some major laughs and loves to our family. She is the best big sister to Sarah and remembers to mention Olivia just about everyday.

We love you Sunshine...or Cheese...or Stinky Pants!

She has had about a week worth of birthday, which I will post about later...maybe tomorrow.


Karen said...

thanks for a great night...hope we didnt keep you up to late...good times

Marnie said...

Happy birthday! Six, Wow! Why do they grow up so fast?

Rocia said...

oh my goodness, i totally thought i left a thank you comment on your blog. i totally got your package and i LOVE it! thank you so much-you are way too nice.

Rocia said...

p.s. happy birthday brinley.

Mary Child said...

Happy birthday to sweet little 6-year-old Brinley... where does the time go?

Arah, Olivia's headstone post made me cry. It is perfect- absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy that it's finally placed and that it turned out so perfect- it was definitely worth the wait.