Monday, June 2, 2008


Saturday morning, we got up bright and early to go to yard sales. There is a huge neighborhood up by where my sister, julie, lives and there was a big neighborhood yard sale day going on. We got some pretty good stuff, including this... which Brinley thought made a good hat. I had been looking for one of these (bumbo) things for a while now and every garage sale I went to that had one, there was a person in front of me that grabbed it before I could. This literally happened liked 4 times. So finally I saw one, a lady had it in her hand and I said "oh dang it, i swear, everytime I find one of those, someone grabs it." She had just paid for it, and then said " You know, go ahead and take it, I have had great luck today and I am sure I will come across another one." So let me have it. It was the nicest thing. When does that EVER happen? I wanted to hug her. I only ended up paying $3 for the thing. Since we have NO room in our kitchen for a full size high chair, I was so glad to get this. It really made my day. Thank you lady stranger! I also found this trunk. i love it. It's quite old and perfect for storing my blankets in.
After the yard sales, Brinley had her last soccer game of the season. I left my camera in the car, so there are no pictures of that.
On the drive home, we stopped to look at some motorcycles and scooters. There was some other people testing out the scooters, so Matt tested it too.

HAHAHA...Matt on a pink scooter . I think he was telling me to stop taking his picture. Actually, he said it was great blogging material.

I test drove it too. I didn't realize how horrible i look! Geez, having babies so close together does nothing for my figure. (Cross fingers i don't gain much weight with this one or I am going to be dieting for the rest of my life to get this weight off.)


Sam and Jill Family said...

I love the pink scooter!! Garage sales are the best. You can always find great things that you need for such good deals.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes my brother on a pink scooter - he looks so very delicate - LOL!!!!

Josh n Betsie said...

That is a great picture of matt on the scooter. FUNNY!

kim said...

Isn't it great we look at life the way it would go on the blog?? I had a friend get pulled over for speeding and she seriously considered asking the cop if she could take a picture.

I am so glad you explained what was on Brinley's head, I thought it was a potty chair!!

Matt looks great on the pink scooter. It's a great color for him. And you look cute too.

Lisa Farman said...

I love the chest. We had an auction last year at Numerica where there was one, but I couldn't bring myself to pay more than $200 for it. Which was probably a good thing since Chris would not have been happy with me if I had paid that much.

I love the pic of Matt on the scooter, you should get that framed!

DeAnne said...

K, so what exactly is a bumbo? Is it a booster chair or something?

Mary Child said...

What's a bumbo?

And, I'm always so envious of people's Yard Sale Loot, but I'm still too impatient to go yard sale-ing myself!