Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dear sweet Sierra,

I remember a few days before you went into the hospital, your momma brought you to church, you were about 2 1/2 weeks old. I even got to hold you for just a few minutes. You looked a lot like your mommy. She told us that you were going in to have your heart checked at the hospital. Little did your parents know that you would be spending the rest of your short, sweet life in the Children's ICU.
You spent 5 weeks in the hospital. I didn't visit you because Brinley was only a few months old. I really reget not going, I should have kept your mommy company. She was there with me when Olivia was born. I know that you and Olivia are best of friends. Your probably just like a big sister to her, good practice since you have two little brothers.
I remember helping at your funeral. Your mom never shed a tear, she was such a strong woman. I cried a lot. I couldn't imagine what it must have been like for your parents to lose a child so young. Your mom is a great woman, who helped me through my own loss. I haven't seen her cry much, but I know she does. we are, celebrating your 5th birthday. Your mom thinks about you all the time as she watches all of your friends grow up around her...Brinley is starting kindergarten next school year and you would be too. I know it has to be hard to watch.
We visited your grave today. Last time I was there, was August 3rd of last year, the 4th anniversary of your death. Your wonderful family had stopped by earlier. I can imagine there were a few tears shed as your brothers and sister played.
Keep watch over your family, remind them about what is imortant. They love and miss you.
We miss you too, Sierra!
Love your friends, Matt, Arah and Brinley Kunz


Josh n Betsie said...

wow way to make me cry. You are so sweet and such a nice friend to Karen. Im so glad you have each other to help each other out. Love you

Lisa Farman said...

What a beatuful and special way to celebrate Sierra's 5th birthday. I'm sure Karen appreciates the tribute to her beautiful daughter and the friendship you give her.

kim said...

We all grew closer and cried quite a bit that summer. I so vividly remember that day. I am grateful for that summer in so many ways. I got to know Karen--what started out as visiting teaching, became a friendship that I will cherish the rest of my life. We were all blessed by Sierra's sweet spirit in ways we cannot even begin to count. You said it so beautifully Arah. Thanks for loving Karen. Big hugs to all of you!!!

Becky said...

I remember that summer like it was just last month. I was still preganant with Cynthia when Sierra passed away, and I remember how strong I though Karen was- I certainly didn't feel like I could handle loosing my baby. I think about Sierra often as I watch Cynthia grow up- she will also be in Kindergarten this year. Arah- what a beautiful blog entry to help us all remember that sweet little spirit!

Marnie said...

I think I may be crying even more now over this becuse my girls are away for a week. It is so lonely with out them. I don't know how poeple get through a death of a child.