Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day is a special day...

Happy Father's day to all Father's, especially to all the Father's in my life.
To my wonderful husband who is an amazing father to Brinley. I couldn't have chosen a more perfect husband.
Who misses Olivia terribly and will make a great father to the baby joining our family in November.
To Papa Jim, who is an amazing father and grandpa.Who I take after quite a bit.
To Matt's dad, Grandpa Harold.
Who is the sweetest and most caring man I know.

...and to my brothers, in laws, nephews and all the other Fathers in my life, I love you guys!


Josh n Betsie said...

I love the pictures. Especially the one of matt and olivia and grandpa and you. Makes me want to cry. love ya

Cindy said...

Thanks for saying hi to my dad. We didn't make it to the cemetary yesterday to wish him a happy father's day. You are a great friend. I love the tribute you did to your dads.

Shannon said...

I linked to you through Melissa Hick's comments. I had a daughter Olivia that passed away in September 2007 with the same birth defect as Melissa's Janey (anencephaly). I am glad to see that you are expecting again and I know that you can be helpful to Mel at this time. Take care. Shannon

Darla said...

What sweet pics Arah! I love them.

birdeeb said...

That's awesome Arah! What a great idea! ;o)