Friday, April 10, 2009

park day.

We finally had some nice weather this week.
Tuesday, I picked up cody from school and took the kids to the park. A fly landed on Brinley.
oh no...a fly.
They dug in the dirt. Played hide and seek.
Ran up and down hills.
And were in an imaginary band.

I got to enjoy all of the flowers.

None of which were outside, but beautiful just the same.


Stephani said...

That's so funny about the fly, a few of my kids do that too, yet they will pick up ladybugs or caterpillars, or even squash a spider with their bare hand no problem, lol.

Anonymous said...

I like their coordinating outfits and all the hydrangeas! I love hydrangeas (especially blue ones).

Darla said...

These pics are fabulous, Arah. I can't wait for new posts just to see your shots. So fun. I'm glad the headstone is tiny!!

Marnie said...

Beautiful picutes, as always. That one of Brinley craks me up about the fly.
The head stone looks wonderful.