Friday, November 28, 2008

what did we do for Thanksgiving, you ask?

My day before Thanksgiving was spent with the flu. It wasn't fun. I don't recall the last time I was that sick. Luckily, Julie and Becca were around to do the prep work for Thanksgiving and I just laid on the couch and got up every few hours to nurse the baby.
Thanksgiving morning I was feeling much, much better and Sarah even let me get a little sleep through the night.
With a bunch of cousins in town, Brinley was in heaven and I haven't seen much of her. She has been spending the nights with them and having a blast.
So, with me feeling better and family in town, the Thanksgiving Day festivities began with me picking up the turkey from Longhorn Barbecue. I will just say that it is so nice to have someone else cook (smoke, in our case) the turkey and leave the oven open for other things to be baked. By the way, the turkey was DELICIOUS and I think it should become a tradition...
Then Matt and I took Sarah out to Olivia's grave for the first time. Actually, she's been out there, but sat in the car with Matt while I visited her site. It was a little...okay, a lot...emotional for me. I guess because when I saw Sarah there, it just brought back a flood of memories from a year ago and the thoughts of where Olivia would have been if she were here.
Since my Mom is staying with my sister, Corinne, until she has her baby and my dad worked Thanksgiving day, we crashed at their house, because it can fit everybody, and made button trees again this year...Do you have any idea what 10,000 buttons looks like? Well, it's a lot and no that wasn't a typo, i really meant 10,000 buttons.It was fun. We also played a little RockBand again, until my dad came home. He doesn't particularly like that game. It's a bit noisy.

We also spent a good chunk of time going through ads for early morning shopping. That's right, we are some of those crazy people that get up at 4am to go shopping with the 8 million other crazy people just to get a good deal. And I took Sarah with me...she was perfect and I bundled her up for the 23 degree weather. I actually ran into quite a few new babies with their moms while shopping. I say" If your going to be up with the baby at 4am anyway, why not go shopping."

When we got home, it started to snow and has been snowing all was perfect for the start of the Christmas season. I got my Christmas decorations out and will work on the outdoor lights tomorrow. Since Matt had to work today, we are going to wait til tonight to decorate the tree. It should be fun.

thank you Merv for watching all the kids so that Julie, Brian and Becca and I could go shopping. And sorry, Julie, for giving you the flu...


Ally said...

Rockband is addicting. The best's legal and not against the word of wisdom. I think it's because even if we have no musical talent we can pretend that we do. My kids are getting it for Christmas...I think it's more for me!!! You are brave to take the baby to black friday, at least she was good, hope you got some good deals.

Cindy said...

Sounds like the week working out. Sorry about the flu. I didn't brave the early crowd this year, but Jeremy had to work so I took the girls out around 10AM to get in on a few good deals before the doorbusters ended and I was surprised I still was able to get the stuff and it wasn't as maddening. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas Season. We are putting the Christmas tree up today.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. We are on our 2nd round of the flu in two weeks. Maybe it's just recycling.

You are brave for doing the whole Black Friday thing. A Wal-Mart employee got trmapled to death on Long Island by the 5am mob. I guess the deals must be really good.
Having been a cashier at Shopko. I loathe the day! I dealt with so many people who lied about deals, yelled at me to hurry up the line, and were just rude in general. Probably only a handful of customers were actually friendly.

I made a committment since then to do all my shopping before Black Friday. So I went shopping on Wednesday all day. I took Kat and we had a good mother daughter bonding time. She did ask me for everything she saw, and my answer was, "You'll have to wait and see."

I can't wait for Christmas!

Love the button trees. Where did you get all of the buttons?

:) Tiff

Mary Child said...

I LOVE those button trees! If I were at all crafty I would run right out and grab the stuff to make my own. Impressive!

I'm so jealous of your family, Arah. You guys are always having so much fun and you are all so cute. What a great Thanksgiving. Ours was very quiet this year, and I thought it was nice, 'til I read your blog! Now I'm feeling left out!!!

(Sorry about the flu; glad you had lots of family around to help out, and POOR JULIE)!

Marnie said...

I hope you are still feeling well and getting more sleep. The sleep deprivation is the thing that has me freaked about having another baby. I like my sleep.

Anonymous said...

Yes, where do you get all the buttons? I love them so much. I have a few, but not that pretty. I like to just play with em sometimes cause they are so pretty. Love you guys...