Friday, November 7, 2008

here we go...

It's 8pm and we still have a few hours to kill before heading to the hospital. Matt just got home from the CricKet store and is just eating dinner. I think I am too nervous to eat and would throw it up if I tried. I think I may sneak in some graham crackers for later, along with a Zantac.
I have had some really strong contractions, just not consistent. If I have dialated more, and other changes, they may just break my water and let me go on my own, without inducing...that would be ideal.
Brinley is having a BLAST at Aunt Ami's house. Jesse is even playing Polly Pocket with her. (thanks Jess, I know how much you hate playing "dolls") Brinley is SO excited about tomorrow and she even picked out a dress to wear to the hospital, saying, "Sarah Mae would love to see me in a dress, don't you think?" She also said that I couldn't be as excited as she is...I don't know about that.
I thought about getting a nap in before we leave, but how can I sleep at a time like's like Christmas Eve...who sleeps?
If she happens to come tomorrow afternoon, when no one has won the gift card, i am going to put all of your names in a bowl and let Brinley draw the winner. So, it's like all of you getting a second chance.
oh, and
HaPPy bIrtHdAy QuInN!
love, Sarah Mae


Josh n Betsie said...

im so excited for you. I know all about the not wanting to eat before. I have also learned to sneak sips of water and a little food during the whole thing. love you guys

Anonymous said...

Aww your so cute. I hope the labor is easy and I can't wait to hear all about the great day! Congrats to you! Can't wait to see all the pics. I'm always loving and thinking about you and baby! love your favorite redhead from Chico!

Wendy said...

Good luck! This is so exciting. Can't wait to meet Sarah Mae (Through the blogosphere).

Anonymous said...

Good luck Arah! And I love that her middle name will be Mae. M-A-E were my initials before I got married, so they are obviously the best. ;) jk.

Anonymous said...

230 in the am barely enough signal to get online here in the hospital and listening to you snore
too excite to sleep
Love you sweetie

Nick and Meg said...

Good luck today! You are going to do awesome, I just know it! Cant wait to hear the big news! Ok so I don't exactly remember guessing that she would be born in the AM, but I guess I'll accept that. ;-) I actually thought all day that she would be born at 930pm.... Hope it's not that long and from what you told me a bit ago, I hope you keep progressing so she'll be born soon.
Happy pushing!!! :)
Love ya!

Darla said...

What's happenin'?? I need a text! 801 471-5173. (:

Brunabug said...

Any news???? I am so excited!