Sunday, November 16, 2008

first week

This first week has been bittersweet. I have been busy being a mom. I forgot how time consuming it is to have a new baby in the home. It takes 3 times as long to get anything done. To leave the house is a huge chore in itself.
Sarah has been the sweetest baby. She is just a joy. Can you believe the hair on this kid? LOVE IT!
We have had many doctors appointments (with lots of foot pokes) due to jaundice, but lucky enough to not have to go to the hospital overnight. With the Fall weather we had all this week, there was NO sun. Thanks to my SIL, Ami, we were able to borrow an OTT light. Sarah was happy to "sun bathe" for a few hours. It helped and she is looking a lot less yellow.
If Brinley could, she would be holding Sarah all day long. She loves to just watch her and the funny faces she makes. She tells her all the time that she is a wiggle worm.
As for Olivia's birthday, we weren't able to really do anything until today, with Matt's schedule. Matt went to church while I stayed home with a sick Brinley. I was able to get a little nap in too, while Brinley watched some PBS kids. Sarah just slept.
We took a huge amount of apples from my parents tree with us, probably close to 40. Brinley fell asleep in the car, so Matt waited with the girls while i took my time with Olivia. As I walked through the cemetery and came into the new section, I noticed that someone had visited Olivia on her birthday...Thank You!...there were some balloons there. I just started crying. I felt a little guilty for not being able to make it on her birthday, but I was so glad that someone else was there. I noticed the deer had been there again. Brinley and I left squash last time we came up. There were hoof prints all over. I am sure there are some happy deer tonight with all the apples we left. I realized while standing there that a year ago today, we buried her and that just made me cry even more. I still can't believe it's been a whole year.
We took a drive and then went out for a birthday dinner. It was so nice to spend time with just our little family. Brinley and I had a discussion about what we thought heaven looked like and then she pointed out Olivia's cloud to us. I am so proud of that girl. She just amazes me with the things she says and does.
We are finally going to get the headstone. I got to design it. It's very simple, with Olivia's name and dates. It will also have the actual size of her foot prints on it. We may still add a quote, but I don't know. It's going to be on a blackish granite. It will be nice to finally have it done and put in place. The little marker makes it seem so impersonal.
This week has a lot less going on. Maybe I'll be able to get some sleep.


Nick and Meg said...

Oh Arah, I just love you so much! You are awesome! I admire your strength. Cant wait to meet sweet Sarah someday....soon? I hope.

DeAnne said...

i love reading your blog. i appreciate all that you are willing to share with the world. my heart goes out to you for the pain you feel for Olivia. isn't it great to have an eternal perspective though? also, sarah mae is just adorable! i want to just smooch on those little cheeks :) love you

Lisa Farman said...

Adjusting to a new baby at home is never easy. Sarah is just a beautiful baby girl and Brinley seem to be stepping into her role as big sister perfectly.

I'm sure Olivia knows you were thinking of her on her birthday. She wouldn't want you risking her little sister health to go out on her birthday when it was so cold, wet and rainy. She knows you love her and think of her often.

Darla said...

Thank you, Arah, for keeping us posted on your life. When can we come up and visit? I'm serious. I'm thinking sometime late Nov. or early Dec., but I don't want things to be too hard. Just let me know. Junie had jaundice too..we had to go to the dr. EVERYDAY for 2 weeks to get her heals pricked. With Geof. gone, and me having to do that alone with my 2 other kids...!! I couldn't handle it!!

Anonymous said...

I am a little behind and didn't realize you had Sarah. congrats. She is so beautiful. I know you are very happy she is finally here.