Saturday, November 1, 2008

false labor

Friday night, I took Brinley to a carnival at her school. Julie, Merv and Cody went with us. We palyed lots of games and had lots of fun.
I started having some really strong contractions and had Julie take Brinley with her while I went to meet Matt to take me to the hospital (I have had really quick labors in the past). Things were going pretty good until I got there and then they died down. Matt and I spent 3 hours or so there while I was monitored. Things fizzled out and I went home.
I spent today walking around Walmart, Costco and the mall, trying to get some results. NOTHING! AHHHHH!!!
Sarah is just comfy an cozy in there. Matt says shes picking out furniture and looking over paint swatches.
I have noticed that she has dropped quite a bit...good sign...and I can breath a little easier. Is election day considered a holiday?


Anonymous said...

OOH, it's going to happen soon. I should have went with my first guess as Nov. 2nd. The contractions are doing something, so keep tring to get them going.
Sarah's doctor told us:


It worked for us. I am sure you've tried everything, except drinking that nasty oil, which I'd never be desperate enough to do.

I am praying for you guys!

:) Tiff

Brunabug said...

Here's praying that you are busy having sarah right now....if not by Tuesday!

The Jeppson Family said...

She's keeping you in suspense!! Sweet little Olivia isn't finished playing with her and telling her stories yet!!!

Josh n Betsie said...

i say election day is a holiday. Why not? Or go for ash's birthday. I can't wait you only have 1 week left anyway. Tell matt to text me when she is born ok?

Megan said...

I would say that election day IS a holiday. 6 years ago, I had Ash on election day--non presidential. Everyone ditched me to go vote and that's when I caved in and had the epidural...dumb! oh-well. :) I did better with Preston--all natural! woo hoo!
I still hope for the 8th, but I'll be SO happy if you have Sarah before then! Can't wait to hear the news and to see TONS of pictures! :)
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should go on a really long walk. That's all it took for me and I was having my little Cami within hours. I hope it happens today! luv you lady Love Selina

Darla said...

It's sooo hard to be patient!! Good luck. Is election day a holiday? I wish. But that doesn't mean anything since Geof. never gets ANY holidays off (which is why i've decided against going up to Spokane for T-Day). Can't wait to see the post with pics of your new arrival!!!